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Action Academy tutorials in the exciting Ocean Sports of: Surfing, Standup, Windsurfing, and Kiteboarding.

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Surfing Tips

Surfing 101

Surfing 201


How to SUP Standup Paddle Surf


Kiteboarding Travel Tips

How to Fly a Trainer Kite

Kiteboarding Road Rules

Kiteboarding for kids

Kiteboarding Videos

Kiteboard Self Rescue

Maui Kiteboarding Guidelines


Windsurfing Skill Levels

Maui Windsurfing Guide

Kids Windsurfing Guide


Beaufort Wind Scale

How Waves are Made

How to Read a Weather Map

Maui Weather Dashboard



Sharks and Stingrays

Maui Ocean Safety

How Waves are Made

Coral Reef Protection


 Action Premium Club

Kite Bladder Repair

Kite Bar Terminology


Disclaimer: *This free information is for entertainment purposes only. To be applicable to live application it needs to be interpreted and applied in a session supervised by a qualified instructor, who has done proper location assessment, weather forecasting, risk analysis, gear check, safety equipment, and student evaluation. The reader of this material accepts all risk, from reliance upon, use or misuse of this information.