Activities on Maui
Maui offers almost unlimited possibilities to spend a fantastic day in paradise.
Maui’s ocean playground and magnificent unspoiled nature, and unique culture will make your visit memorable!

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Maui offers some of Hawaii’s best surfing without the crowds of popular mainland surf breaks. If you have never tried Surfing, Lessons are a must! There are many ways to surf; Bodysurfing, Boogie boarding, Longboard surfing, shortboard surfing, canoe surfing, wave-ski surfing, Stand-up paddle surfing and Tow-in surfing. On Maui it is not unusual for you and your friends to be the only guys out surfing the beautiful, clean break… We highly recommend surfing or a boogie boarding for those light wind mornings and occasional windless days. Maui offers countless good surfing spots all around the island. Maui’s surf breaks includes world famous Jaws, where the waves can reach a gigantic 50-60 feet, Even more amazing is that they are ridden by a handful of professional surfers that are towed into the wave with jet-skis, so that they can match the speed of these huge rolling monsters. This is a great event to be a spectator at, but it only happens on a few very special days a year, when the waves are just right. For the rest of us there are more manageable waves (under 6 foot) at some popular locations. Here are a couple of suggestions; Beaches Page or click here for Surfing lessons.


Surfing on Maui

Standup paddle Surfing or SUP, is the newest fore of surfing. Born in Hawaii, This sport has taken off around the world. The appeal of standup is its relative easiness. you don’t have to be super fit. Get a lesson from a good school, they provide the special oversized surfboards and you will be gliding along in no time. You use a long shaft paddle to paddle with, go fast or just cruise and watch the water. It calm water it is like snorkeling standing up. as you get your balance you can try to catch some small waves at the edge of the reef. Much easier than regular surfing. Many people are taking to Standup for the fun and exercise. and almost anyone can do it, young or old. This is a great activity the the family can do together. Book now! to do a group Standup Paddleboard lesson or click here for More info on Standup Paddleboarding.

Maui has warm water and steady wind year round. It is a perfect place to learn windsurfing. There are special beaches just for beginners, where the water is smooth and the wind is gentle. Kanaha Beach Park on the north shore has the world class conditions that have made it the most popular windsurfing beach in Hawaii. Beginners take advantage of the lighter winds in the mornings. A beginner lesson runs for about 2.5 hours all equipment included. They give you lightweight sails and steady boards which are a breeze to use. If you have tried windsurfing in the past, you can do a refresher course and be on the water in no time. Book now! or Click here for more info on Beginner Windsurfing Lessons.

Windsurfing lessons at Kanaha Beach Park

Kids windsurfing camps run all summer long. They are 3-day camps Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Kids start at 8:30am in the mornings till noon (half day) or till 2:30 (full day). These camps are a great opportunity for kids to have a fun and safe introduction into the sport of windsurfing. the emphasis is on fun and socializing, kids make new friends and discover the joys of an ocean wind sport. For Kids Camps we recommend the our Youth Power, camps are Maui’s original and best kids windsurfing camp, and they are now in their eighteenth year. For more information go to our Kids Camp page

Kids Windsurfing Camps

Kids Surfing camps run all summer long. They are 3-day camps Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Kids start at 9:00am in the mornings till 12 noon. These camps are a great opportunity for kids to have a fun and safe introduction into the sport of Surfing. the emphasis is on fun and socializing, kids make new friends and discover the joys of an ocean sport. For Kids Camps we recommend the SurfClub Youth Power, camps are Maui’s best Kid’s Surfing camp, Located in Kihei at Surf Club Maui. For more information go to our Kids Surf Camp page

Kids Surfing Camps

Famous for showcasing the worlds best windsurfers. Get here after 11 am to see windsurfers in action. Ho’okipa Beach has the best view of some of the most extreme windsurfing you will see anywhere. The reason is the waves break close to shore because the reef is narrow at this place. This allows the windsurfers to ride so close that you can almost see the expressions on their faces. This is as close to the action as you can get without getting wet. Watch out for the professional contests held here, like the Aloha Classic windsurfing contest in November. You may see the world’s best professional windsurfing athletes competing in some of the best conditions you are ever likely to see. The grassy headland at the western end of the beach is just above the main break so it gives you a perfect view of all the action.

Windsurfers at Hookipa Beach Park Maui

Kiteboarding is a hugely popular sport worldwide that started right here on Maui. The conditions here are perfect for the sport; Strong trade winds and warm water. Maui has the best conditions for beginner kiters too, with calm inshore lagoon surrounded by a protective reef. The Kite Beach located at western at Kanaha Beach Park on Maui is world famous. Located right behind the Kahului Airport you can see the worlds best kiteboarders zipping across the water and flying through the air. Kiteboarding Lessons are also available daily are available daily, at 10:30am and 2:00pm Book now! .  Kitesurfing camps and kids lessons are available too. Click for more info on Lessons.

Turtles are called “Honu” in Hawaiian, and they frequent in our near shore waters. For an up close encounter with a Honu you can rent snorkel gear and go “turtle seeking”. We have many places where turtle sightings are guaranteed. turtles are protected so you cannot touch them, but you can get quite close and appreciate them. Turtles are harmless unless they are cornered, and then they could deliver a defensive bite. Sometimes turtles “haul out” onto land to take a rest (or to avoid predators). so if you see one on the beach, let it rest. We have snorkel gear to rent at our Kihei Location.

Sea turtles are called Honu on Maui

Whale watching is a popular tourist attraction on Maui during the whale season from December through April. The Humpback whales come from the cold waters of Alaska to Hawaii for mating and giving birth. You are almost guaranteed to see whales from the beaches especially on the south shore. You can see whales when you Rent  Standup paddleboard Book now! , or Kayak, or take a boat tour. Many boat companies offer whale watching cruises with guaranteed whale sightings. You may even hear the Humpback Whales singing while you are snorkeling. We recommend the “Quicksilver” boat tour to Molokini.

Humpback Whale

Maui’s great wilderness areas with varying scenery is ideal for hiking. There are national and state run parks with camp sites and cabins for overnight accommodation. Most park areas offer a variety of marked trails for different levels of hiker. Be sure you know the estimated duration of your trail before setting out. Some trails go for days. You can go up to the crater of Haleakala or explore the lush rain forests, with abundant tropical fruit and exotic flowers closer to the sea level. Rainforests, waterfalls, rock pools and ancient Hawaiian ruins. Some areas have extremely high rainfall, creating dramatic waterfalls and fast flowing streams. While they are beautiful and inviting, Not all are suitable for swimming. Valleys can cool off quickly in the afternoons as the sun goes behind the ridges. So when hiking valleys and streams, it is best to start out early. If it is raining further up the mountain, there is a real risk of a flash flood downstream. Try “Hike Maui” for a professionally lead hike.

Hiker going up a waterfall an a rainforrest trail Maui

Hana Highway from Kahului to Hana is a spectacular route along the coastline. The Road to Hana (or Hana Highway) on Maui’s north east shore is perhaps the closest thing to a highway to Heaven as you’ll ever find. The Road to Hana is 52 miles of undeveloped road that passes by some of the most breath-taking scenery on the face of the earth. Hana is a beautiful small town with flower farms few tourists. Driving to Hana is definitely worth the couple of hours it takes to drive from Kahului and back, however Hana is best enjoyed as a full day adventure. The road is very winding and slow, but the view more than makes up for that. On the road to Hana you will see lush rainforests, waterfalls, ocean views, taro fields, villages, and breathtaking scenery. In and around Hana you are likely to find a variety of beaches and maybe your own deserted beach all to yourself. Take care swimming on any unpatrolled beaches, especially when there are waves.

The scenic drive on the road to Hana

It is estimated that over 80 percent of Maui is only accessible by helicopter. The rugged mountains and thick rain forest are best appreciated from a scenic flight in a helicopter. Flights depart from the heliport in Kahului. Maui’s helicopter tour companies have some of the most experienced helicopter pilots in the industry. Flights range from short duration to a circle island tour, that shows you the moon-scape in the Haleakala crater and the Hana rain-forest, and the spectacular north shore coastline. Some flights can take you across that west Maui mountains and over to world’s highest sea-cliffs on the neighboring island of Molokai. Some tours offer a fly/drive package, where you can take the VIP guided tour van to Hana and fly back to Kahului. Another tour allows you to set down at a private waterfall to enjoy a champagne picnic before flying home. A helicopter flight is the best way to see Maui’s rugged northern coastline. We recommend “Air Maui” and “Blue Hawaiian”. For more info go our helicopter tours page.

Helicopter scenic flights over Maui

Night life on Maui is mostly centered around the resort areas in Kihei and Lahaina. Both places offer many good restaurants, bars and dance clubs. Oceans’ Niteclub in Kihei is the newest restaurant and bar, with dancing on Saturday nights. at some venues you will find the island’s favorite local musician Willie-K. The Mulligan’s Pub at the Wailea on the Blue (Golf Course) has live music and you can play a game of pool too. Mulligan’s has standing room only every St Patrick’s day so you better book early. In Kaanapali there is the Spats Niteclub at the Hayatt Regency Hotel. Moose’s and the Wave Riders Cafe in Lahaina, and Moose McGillycuddys new location just opened in Kihei are among some of the more popular night spots. Jacques in Paia Town (on the north shore) is windsurfer’s gathering place especially on the weekends offering great food and a socially charged atmosphere. Casanova’s (Italian Restaurant) up in Makawao Town gets packed with windsurfers, surfers and locals dancin’ up a storm on Wednesday (ladies) nights.

Willie K is a popular local performer.

Maui has the longest downhill bike ride in the world. Downhill bike riding has become a thriving industry, with several companies organizing complete activity packages, to get you from your hotel to the mountain and back. We like the Maui Downhill company best, they have been going since the beginning in 1984, with a good safety record. Your journey begins with a panoramic sunrise view of Haleakala Crater, in the Haleakala National Park, a once in a lifetime experience. There you will see the volcano and the many pu’u lais that once formed our Island of Maui. After sunrise, coast down from the top of Haleakala Crater at 10,023 ft. to sea level into the original territorial capital of Hawaii, Paia. A 38-mile downhill ride with only 400 yards of peddling. For more information go to our Downhill bike page.

Downhill Bike Riding on Mount Haleakala.

Hula is the traditional dance of Hawaii. In a society with no written language, story telling, chanting and hula were used to convey traditional stories and legends. The traditional Hula is called kuhiko. there is also a more modern version of hula that is more widely know in the western world. Hula is a very serious cultural practice in Hawaii, and takes years to master. Hula Halau (hula schools) compete in the Merry monarch festival every year.  Professional hula dancers have usually studied for most of their lifetimes.  One way to see some hula is to attend a luau which is a dinner and hula show. Most luaus will showcase several varieties of hula to give the patrons a sampling of the different islands styles., for example, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Tongan and Maori. Our favorites include the “Old Lahaina Luau”, and the “Feast of Lele”. Click here for more information.

Hula Dancer with feathered uli-uli

Sea turtles called Honu in Hawaiian abound at just about every snorkeling spot on Maui. Maui’s  sea turtles are endangered and protected, so do not try to touch them. When you see a turtle under water, stay a respectful distance away and observe their natural behavior. Do not stay above the turtles because they have to surface periodically to get a breath of air. Some turtles are curious and will come over to check you out. There are actually several different species of sea turtles in Hawaiian waters. The Green, leatherback, hawksbill, and loggerhead. Take an underwater camera with you and snap your own turtle photo. Turtles are very photogenic creatures, and usually stay put while you take your photo.

Sea turtles are called Honu on Maui

The easiest way to access the reef and near-shore waters is to rent a kayak. Minimal skill required, but some “ocean sense” is essential. We recommend kayaking in the early mornings and staying inside the reef. Then you can take a short tour up an down along the coast and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean, and maybe even spot a whale. We do not recommend kayaking in waves, because of the shallow coral reef. (better to leave that to the experts). We have Single and Double kayaks are available to rent at our Kihei location, or you can even take them with you.

Sea kayak

Seeing the underwater world is now easier than ever before. The Maui Ocean Center at Maalaea harbor is a world class aquarium that features the underwater magic that was only accessible to snorkelers and scuba divers. Bring the whole family and take some time to encounter this marvelous display of underwater life. More than 60 exhibits emulate the animal’s habitat in the natural ocean, including the Underwater Journey where you can experience a tunnel that offers a 240-degree view of marine life in a 750,000-gallon open ocean tank. Click here for more information..

Maui Ocean Center Aquarium

Drink a glass of fresh guava juice or try a P.O.G. (passion fruit, orange, guava) juice, Eat some fresh pineapple, Papaya. Try some Vegan Sushi, Gluten free baked goods, Pohole (fern) Salad, ,  some POI (taro paste), Gourmet Veggie/Soy Burgers. There are many great places to get local food. Plate Lunches are available everywhere, and combine dishes with a large serving of macaroni salad and two scoops of steamed rice. You can always get the “Veggie Burger” at most of the “Drive-in’s and Food carts”. When you are Pau hana (finished working) it is time to eat Pupu (snacks). If you like sushi, you should also Choice Bar for BVegan Sushi, that is out of this world,. Got Poke? try the seaweed salad is an appetizer or snack that goes great with beer. There is a wide selection of fresh Poke at the Safeway stores and Star markets. For a taste of healthy Vegan and Vegetarian food options try one of our Recommended Restaurants on Maui.

Maui has some excellent restaurants, featuring local and Polynesian styles and international cuisine. The local ingredients particularly the fresh produce make a few good restaurant meals on Maui absolutely essential. Hawaiian style cuisine is a blend of Polynesian with strong Asian influences. The modern Hawaiian cuisine has broadened to embrace an even wider variety of cultural influences and tastes. On the north shore you should try Maka by Mana in Paia. For a taste of healthy Vegan and Vegetarian food options try one of our Recommended Restaurants on Maui.

Pictured is Roy's Rare Ahi.

The essentials: When you arrive in Maui, go directly to a real surf shop and buy yourself a cool surfer tee-shirt and some proper baggies (board shorts), and some slippers (flip-flops, sandals, thongs, you know). If you are going swimming and snorkeling a lot buy yourself a Lycra shirt called a “rash guard”. Get some good waterproof sports sunscreen, and buy some sunglasses. Get polarized sunglasses. they do not have to be too expensive, A $20.00 pair, is better than nothing. For $50-100.00 you get you a decent level of protection, but if you can afford it you should buy the “Maui Jim’s” they are the best. Shop for fun: Front street Lahaina has a great variety of shops and art galleries. Lahaina Cannery Mall, Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center in Kahului, Kalama Village, Paia town is great for arts, crafts, hippy clothes, jewelry, etc.  Friday night is “Art Night” in Lahaina. A walk down front Street will take you to many surprisingly sophisticated art galleries. Meet the artists, wine tasting and some music. Also try the Whalers Village especially if you are staying on the upper west side.

Outdoor markets abound. There a a few that run all week long like the north Kihei market at the old Suda Store on North Kihei Road. and the swap meet in Kahului and the Maui Community College, which just runs on Saturdays. Try the Kihei Market Place, the Aloha Market, and the Kalama Shopping Village in Kihei. There are also many Roadside stalls, Aloha market and Kalama Shopping village in Kihei. These are great places to check out arts and crafts, clothing, locally made jewelry, and more.

Farmers markets and roadside fruit stands are the best way to but locally grown fruit and veggies. Maui is known for its awesome fresh produce, and the best and most affordable way to buy it is at a farmers market, usually direct from the growers themselves. You will find outdoor markets around the island, some are permanent and some are on special days. Try exotic fruits, and eat healthy.

Food Carts have gained popularity in Maui There are some seafood & shrimp carts at the Kahului harbor, and Several Carts like the Taco trucks, you can find on the way to big beach. The one we recommend worth checking is the Kinaole truck parked near Kam 1 beach, in Kihei. They do a great plate of Coconut Shrimp. There are three new food trucks at the Kihei market place (opposite Kalama Beach Park), next to our SurfClubMaui location in Kihei. “Horhitos”: for Mexican Taquera, “Threes”: for Pacific Rim and Southwestern Fusion Cuisine, and  “Dibs on Ribs”: for Ribs and barbeque. 

Lomi-lomi Hawaiian massage & Spa Treatments
One of the best massages you will ever have. Hawaiian style massage is a deep tissue massage. It is great for athletes and for relaxation, If you want soft, ask for it. or you will be in for a tough time. Hawaiian massage has a spiritual side that can be incorporated into holistic healing, and can increase your mana (life force). Another Hawaiian style that is great for relaxation is the Pohaku (hot rock) massage. When it comes to massage it makes a big difference to spend a few dollars more to get an experienced masseuse. Blue Bamboo in Wailuku offers a discounted massage matinee. And the “Spa Grande” and the Grand Wailea Hotel in Wailea has one of the the best spas in the US. It has a 50,000 square feet, including terme, hydrotherapy,  mud baths, salt rubs, seaweed wraps and all.

Massage on Maui

Ulalena Theatre
Maui Theatre Presents ‘Ulalena, a theatrical experience as impressive as the story. This is not just a theatre. It is a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art venue built for this presentation. It employs the talents of some of Hawaii’s most distinguished musicians and performers, combining live traditional Hawaiian music with 8-channel surround sound. If you like the theatre and Hawaiian mythology you will love Ulalena. A theatrical and dance interpretation of some Hawaiian legends. The theatre is in Lahaina. It is just like Cats ( without the cats). Tickets are about $90.00, bookings are essential.

Zip-line Adventures
We like this concept and it is the very next thing we will try on our next day off. A nature walk with some quick slides down some zip lines, will get your adrenaline going (and uses way less gas than a jet-ski). This activity is one of the latest in the growing number of eco-adventure style activities. Located upcountry at Kula. The Haleakala Skyline Tour blends a short hiking experience with five picturesque zipline crossings, an “Indiana Jones” style swinging bridge, and an introduction to Hawaii’s unique and fragile landscape. Try the Piiholo Zipline upcountry n the Haleakala ranch.

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The view is fantastic, and you can only go out of whale season. Parasailing is at Kaanapali. Do a little research to find a good vendor (We like UFO Parasailing). Soar Above Maui Hawaii and Kailua-Kona with UFO Parasail Hawaii! Their experienced crew and the latest lift-off and landing technology allows you to fly away in ease, comfort and safety. Parasailing is the perfect Hawaii activity for anyone – old, young, active, or physically challenged. I think they have been doing it about 25 years. By the way, parasailing is a lot safer these days with the boats that “winch” you down to the platform on the boat.

Parasailing in Lahaina, Photo by Maui Mike

Surfing Goat Dairy
The Surfing Goat Dairy Farm is located on the beautiful slopes of Maui’s Haleakala Crater in lower Kula and has been producing award winning “Maui Gourmet Goat Cheeses” for over 10 years. Come and take a tour of one of the Islands top Ag-Tourism venues and learn more about our goats and cheeses and what they have to offer. This is a great place to bring the kids, or just to relax and have fun. You can feed the goats, and stroll, and sample the cheeses, or take a tour.

Visit Iao Valley
Iao Valley is a beautiful place with lush rain-forest with streams flowing through it, it is one of Maui’s most important water sources. And it is a very historical place as well. The site of a former decisive battle with King Kamahamea, and it is also a place where you can see a Hawaiian buildings, and examples of buildings representing many of the cultures that have come to Maui and the Kepaniwai Park. There is a restaurant and snack bar. and some nice easy walking trails as well.

Sailing, fine dining, World class golf courses, Guided rainforest tours, Kayak Tours, Art galleries, Sightseeing, Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals, Horseback riding, Jeep Rentals, Yoga, Beauty & Relaxation Spas, and much more…

For more of our special events, Summer kids Courses, Women’s Kiteboarding, sports instructor training, and ocean education courses check out our Action Calendar.



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