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Company History

Action Sports Maui LLC is a fully Licensed and Insured training facility. Compliant with all legal requirements to operate these watersports activities in the State of Hawaii, and Maui County. Our instructors are experienced, certified, CPR & First Aid trained to give you an easy, safe, successful and enjoyable experience. If you have any questions please contact:  David Dorn (Owner) (808) 871-5857 or email

The Vision: David's thirty year career in watersportsSurfing Petroglyph training has spanned the globe and has encompassed a variety of watersports including: Sailing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Standup paddle Surfing, Kitesurfing, Parasailing, and Waterskiing. David created Action Sports Maui from his ten year vision of bringing the very best watermen in each field together to create an Advanced Water-sports Training Center that caters to the highest quality instruction of each sport.

The Location: Maui was chosen as the ideal location for the venture because of the world class watersports beaches and reliable year-round conditions. Hawaii is at the forefront of watersport innovation and exploration, so there is access to the latest techniques and equipment technology. David assembled a team of dedicated watersportsmen and women to provide the very best instruction available, especially in the high performance ends of each sport.

Old Logo In 1995 David Dorn was running a windsurfing and surfing school for the Second wind retail store in Kahului. The school soon reached its capacity teaching mostly beginner lessons. Then David had the idea to buy the school and expand its original concept to include high end specialized lessons. The school was re-launched as Action Sports Maui in 1996.  The first instructor brought on board was John Holzhall, long time instructor, and dedicated waterman. Action Sports was dedicated to total instruction 100% of the time. The instructors worked fulltime year round toFirst Van hone their teaching and personal skills. Action Sports was able to offer a very high quality teaching program.
 Originally Action Sports comprised of two separate schools for surfing and windsurfing. The windsurfing School was based at Kanaha Beach on the North Shore, Maui's most popular windsurfing beach. Kanaha provided a variety of conditions that enabled beginners to sail comfortably in the mornings and the advanced windsurfers to sail in the afternoons. Lessons were sometimes given at Kahului Harbor when large waves made windsurfing at Kanaha too difficult. Starting as the smallest windsurfing school on Maui. David Dorn, introduced a windsurfing lesson program based on a combination of on the AYF (Australian) System and the other systems he had taught in Hawaii and overseas. Adapting the lesson programs to Maui's conditions was the key to creating a successful learning environment for the students. By expanding the lesson program and giving consistently high quality lessons, the word soon spread as students bragged about their successes. Through hard work and consistency, the reputation of the school grew and Action Sports became widely known for its good beginner instruction and its High-performance lessons.
1997, Extreme Sports Maui (ESM) store in Kahului and Action sports Maui became synonymous when they joined forces in 1997, extreme sports store in Kahului specialized in providing extreme sports equipment; surf, windsurf, mountain biking climbing, they had a skate shop, kayaks, and kitesurfing equipment. The Kahului Extreme sports Maui store was also home to the Action Sports Maui head office. Action Sports provided all the lessons and tours for; surfing lessons, windsurfing, Kitesurfing, kayak, hiking and mountain biking. Extreme Sports Maui store was also home to the Hot Sails Maui sail loft, the Active Sports activity center and the Snips hair salon.
ASM provided the most advanced programs available including regular Wave Jumping and looping classes. Even instructors from other schools would come and take some training with Action Sports. Windsurfing Instructor Trainer Tinno Dornellas from the U.S. Sailing Association came to Maui to run a US sailing Windsurfing Instructor's Course hosted by Action Sports Maui. Dave Dorn and several other of Maui's other experienced instructors undertook the training to become certified under the US Sailing System. Meanwhile most of the other schools on Maui persisted using old-style triangular Dacron sails with tie on booms for their school sails. (which have been out of date for over fifteen years), Action Sports Windsurfing School then introduced custom made sails by "Simmer" to their beginner fleet.  These sails were designed for performance in beginner conditions. The school grew with the regular addition of the best equipment available. Even the beginner rigs had lightweight carbon-fiber masts and booms. The quiver of sails are custom-made wave sails for easy handling and performance. The Action philosophy is to give each student the best equipment and best techniques to ensure theAction Windsurfing School success. The Action Sports Windsurfing School now has the largest customer service van on the island containing the best fleet of windsurfing equipment available. Up to 25 fully rigged current lightweight wave sails rigged with carbon masts are on hand for the students so that they can have the most suitable sail choice depending on the changing conditions, body size and type, fitness level and their progress.Surfing
  The Action Surfing School was the first north shore based surfing school on the island. Breaking away from the standard practice of teaching at a single location only, the lessons were taught at many different locations to take advantage of the best wave conditions on each day. The surfing school's lesson program was adapted from the ASP teaching system that David Dorn was certified on in Australia and on the teaching system used by John Holzhall in his Florida based surfing school. The original board quiver was expanded with an increased  range of board sizes to accommodate any size of surfer, this lead to the greater success rate amongst all beginner surfers in our programs. Regular classes beginner/intermediate wee taught seven days a week. Private "surfaris" were created for advanced surfers to get to the lesser known breaks. ASM  began to run Surf Camps for Large and small groups, camp dates were later extended year-round. The Surfing camps provided a combination of training and accommodation. Surfing for School Kids ProgramSurfing for High School Sport groups became popular local school students, these camps were held during school vacations. Groups and tours were created to accommodate any number of surfers. ASM always maintains a high instructor to student ratio, to ensure that every student received the maximum attention. Action Sports travelled island wide to make the most of the available conditions. Since then, Action Surf school moved its baseyard and core of operations to Kihei on Maui's south shore, and still made regular trips to the north shore as conditions dictate.
PRE-HISTORY: David and his brother Tony Dorn already had extensive sports kite flying experience from Australia. Since childhood, the Dorn brothers grew up surfing, sailing and kite-flying and experimenting with all types of sports kites. They used inflatable kites in the 1970's, using the kites for traction, while they rode their bicycle tandem. By the 1980's the Dorn brothers, had experimented with Kite "stacking" and other multi-kite configurations. Together they developed a kite harness system to help them control the power of their custom built Ten-tier dragon kite. The Dragon had a combined surface area of 122sq ft. The Dorn's dragon kite was a hit at the "festival of the winds", kite fair in Sydney and was flown at locations all over Sydney from Long reef and the northern beaches to the Kurnell sand dunes in the south. Kiteflying and other forms of flying and gliding continued to fascinate the Dorn boys throughout the 80's. Involved in skiing and windsufing for many years, David experimented with Snow-windsurfing, working with other innovators, inventors and pioneers. David became Austrailan windskiing champion for several years and held the Australian Windskiing speed record. David's career then included: training, an internship and employment with Hamilton Island Watersports on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, doing commercial waterskiing and parasailing operations. The safety protocols and methodology that David learned from parasailing would come in handy when setting out the first kitesurfing protocols in later years.  David later focused his career on windsurfing until moving to Maui in the mid 1990's.

The birth of Kitesurfing: When kitesurfing first appeared on Maui, it was a rarity indeed. The first to try it were Laird Hamilton, Mike Waltz and a few other adventurous watermen. At first it was highly experimental, with equipment borrowed from tow-surf, windsurf, and waterskiing. Maui's strong winds quickly demonstrated the inadequacies of the existing techniques and equipment. Kitesurfing came under close scrutiny as to its safety and it was for a time viewed as a hazard to public safety. The pioneers started to adapt their skills and equipment to the local conditions, and the sport slowly took shape. When the Wipika company eventually developed an inflatable kite that could be relaunched from the water, then Action Instructor David Dorn started looking seriously into the new craft.

KitesurfingIn 1996 Action Sports started researching the then obscure sport of Kitesurfing, with the help of sports earliest promoter Joe Koehl. David Dorn and John Holzhall were convinced that the sport had a great potential. Joe approached David and John with the idea of starting a kitesurfing school. Joe lent them their first Wipika kite to experiment with.  
The instructor team at Action Sports gathered all the information they could and trained on every piece of equipmentWipika Classic Kites were the first production Inflatable kites used in the Action Sports teaching Program. that they could get their hands on, some of which they had to make for themselves. Being experienced instructors they sought the advice of the best kitesurfers of the day and gained even more knowledge through their personal experimentation and the experiences of other watermen. Eventually they were completely hooked on kitesurfing and would go and train every afternoon after teaching windsurfing all day. They made quite a spectacle as they carried their kitesurfing contraptions past the bemused and skeptical windsurfing crowd. They paid their dues and eventually more heads started turning as windsurfers took notice. At the time there were only a handful of guys kitesurfing on Maui. Notably, Lou Wainman and Elliot Leboe were usually kiting at uppers and about six other guys you could call regulars.
Action Sports officially launched its beginner kitesurfing instructional program in 1997 with the help of some of the sports early exponents and top watermen. The lesson program was born out of the need for safety and simplicity. The equipment was very basic to begin with, the standard 5.0m wipika was the first kite and only inflatable kite available, this plus a custom bars, and boards, and some other ram-air sports kites for trainers. The equipment was tested and refined to make it more controllable, new automatic safety releases were incorporated to improve safety and the emphasis of the lesson focused on maintaining control even in the most extreme conditions. Each student learns the safety drills thoroughly before flying the full power kites. There were two strong public misconceptions about kitesurfing that we had to overcome; one was that kitesurfing was too risky, and the second was that you didn't need any training to kitesurf. We eventually convinced the majority that kitesurfing done properly is (relatively) safe, we did this by demonstrating good kitesurfing practices themselves and promoting safe practices to other kitesurfers, they were are not able to convince all the die-hard skeptics that they should take a lesson first. Often the unfortunate experiences (kite-mares) of the self taught who tried to muscle the kite became the motivation to taking a basic lesson.

In 1998 the first Kitesurfing World Competition was held on Maui, with the Pioneers and innovators competing alongside each other. The contest sparked the public's imagination and showcased the sport as a viable and exciting sport. There were disciplines in Waves, Speed and course racing. The first world champ was Action Sports first kitesurfing instructor. The public perception of the sport improved greatly over the next few years and the accessibility to a wider range of people enhanced its appeal. The training programs gained popularity and public approval. In 1998 the school had a quiver of Wipika Classic kites 3.5m, 5.0m, and 8.5m. a set of ram-air trainers, and a unique set of Custom made heavy duty Wipikas 3.5m, 5.0m, and 8.5m. We had Jeff Timpone shape our custom direction kiteboards, and used some reel bars, and the f-one directional kiteboards, and a few wakeboards. Our school custom made its bars and safety systems to meet our requirements. Action Sports Kitesurfing school continued to improve and expand on the training techniques by teaching a high volume of lessons in ideal kitesurfing conditions. The core of Maui kiteboarders and instructors created the KISS (Kitesurfing International Safety System) KISS, was the first structured training system. Action Sports was the first school to offer the KISS program and hosted students and instructors from all over the world in the training programs. Instructors would come to Maui to be trained under the KISS system. and take the techniques, methods and training back to use in their home countries. Kiss instructors trainers trained at Action Sports included, David Dorn &  John Holzhall, created a network of instructor trainers from Australia, Germany, USA, Japan, and Mexico. The KISS techniques became the first standard for teaching and became the basis of all the other systems that followed. The KISS produced the first online safety information about the sport in the form of their KISS Online Kiteboard Manual, and several other informational websites. Then students of all abilities came from around the world to train at Action Sports Maui. At around the time that the first Two-Line Wipika kites had gained popularity, Naish Sails Hawaii became the first major sailmaker to start start manufacturing kites.

In 1999 Naish quickly became the industry leader with the release of the AR3.5. That first two-line Naish kite had many improvements over the classic Wipikas, and a higher manufacturing quality. The school acquired several of the first Naish kites made and put them into service alongside the Wipikas. Then soon after Naish released the AR5, the very first production four-line kitesurfing kite. This raised the stakes, and gave the sport a performance edge it had been lacking. Suddenly kiteboarders could go upwind more easily, and they had more power control with the first Trim loop. in 1999 Action Sports introduced the four-line kites for advanced lessons only. They kite safety system was not as efficient or reliable as the two line system used at the time. The next kite came along in the form of the ARX. Which had some refinements that led to its wider acceptance in the community. Action Sports worked with designers to improve the safety systems, and created a safer control-bar system for intermediate students, and created one of the first custom trim straps for kitebars.
Action Logo In November 2000 Action Sports Maui joined forces with a paragliding school on the Island. Many paraglider pilots were getting into kitesurfing and vice versa, so the two sports were appealing to each other. Some paragliding instructors, trained in kitesurfing at Kanaha and eventually trained with Action Sports to become certified Kitesurfing Instructors. Action Sports offered Paragliding courses for a time. In 2001 Action Sports co-hosted the WIPIKA kiteboard instructor course with instructor trainer Paul Menta. Paul gained the KISS instructor Certification equivalency, The WIPIKA System was the second internationally recognized kitesurfing training system available.  The WIPIKA program was included in the Action Sports curriculum, and further enhanced the kiteboarding Program.  In 2001-02 Action Sports incorporated the Naish X2 Kites into the school Program. Custom directional Kiteboards from Cabrinha were incorporated into the fleet. Action Sports X2's were are leap forward in reliability and performance. In 2002 Action sports instructors teamed up with the IKO creator, to run the first IKO instructor training on Maui. The first course was co-hosted by Action Sports and run by Eric Beaudonnet. Also the Windsurfing Instructors added Mistral Boards and Gaastra Sails to their quivers.  In 2003 Action sports hosted the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) Instructor Training program with instructor trainer Darren Marshall from Australia. The course was at the time the fastest growing system, and built on the previous programs of the Wipika schools. The course confirmed the fact that Hawaii was still at the forefront of teaching and with the instructors of the several systems sharing knowledge and experiences, the course became an instructional summit with a great deal of new information for all the participants. All the Instructors certified at the course came away with a great deal of insight into the latest teaching methodology. Jimmy Lewis provided us with some demo directional boards, and some Alex Augerra custom kiteboards were brought in too. Also in 2003 our KISS instructor trainer went to Florida to train again with PASA Kiteboarding Instructor Trainer, Paul Menta (formerly the Wipika I.T.). And brought back the core of the PASA training to compliment the Action Sports programs. 2004 John Holzhall created the KITES (Kiteboarding Instruction Training Evaluation System) which was an impartial set ofKITES standards that instructors, could be measured by, for a uniformity of teaching standards and abilities. John also produced a kiteboarding book "Kiteboarding's Simple Plan" and DVD to back up the information in the KITES system.  Action Sports endorsed the KITES system and is the first school in Hawaii to implement the latest teaching methodology into their programs. In 2004 IKO has offered equivalency to PASA instructors. And the KITES products were officially recognized and endorsed by the KISS program. Furthering the unification of DAVEteaching systems. David prototyped and developed the first four-line pulley kitebar. John released his updated Book and DVD titled "Secrets of Kiteboarding". Action Sports continued to research and explore every new development in Kiteboarding equipment, techniques and teaching methods to stay firmly at the forefront of kiteboarding5TH LINE instruction. April 2005, Action Sports hosted another IKO instructor course, training eleven new candidates, into the system. In 2005 ASM had co-developed the "first-line" teaching techniques with the KITES creator. The new Naish Torch, Boxer & Raven (Five-line kites) brought into the teaching program brought more versatility and easier accessibility to kiteboarders. David continued to refine the 5th line kiteboarding techniques he used in the school through the summer, and David eventually won the 2005 Navman kiteboarding speed title using his 5-line kites. The kite program at Action Sports was unique and way ahead of any other school in the state. In 2006 Action Sports introduced "Bow kite" techniques to the lesson program. Action Sports originally developed the Reverse launch bridle and pulley bar technology years before the public release of these products. This gave Action Sports a huge head start with the appropriate teaching methods applicable to the functionality of the new bow-kite designs. The Naish Shockwave then became the center of the Action Sports SLE kite program.

After teaching kiteboarding full-time for over 9-years, ASM had tried and tested every available teaching technique, and constantly revised their program format. Their methods evolved and had a solid foundation from years of experience and continuous development. The latest Action Sports Training programs offered students more hands on experience with the core technique. So students got way more "quality" water time, which reinforced their positive experiences. Students just learned better and faster, with a greater feeling of confidence and control. In 2006 Action Sports Maui celebrated 10 years in business. ASM continued to research newer and better teaching methods, and would continue to keep its eyes on the future trends of watersports to anticipate the demands of the future watersports students. In April 2006 Action Sports Maui's founder, and instructor trainer, David Dorn undertook  specialized training to become an IKO certified Instructor Trainer/examiner. Training with the IKO's founder, and training master, Eric Beaudonnat from the Dominican Republic.  IKO Together they ran a series of instructor training clinics, using the latest instructional techniques, according to the official standards of the system. David and Eric completed training courses on Oahu and Maui, including safety training with the County lifeguards At Kailua beach on Oahu, and Kanaha Beach on Maui. JET SKIThe lifeguard training utilized the jet skis, in kite recovery and rescue procedures. David also acquired a special certification to become an instructor in Medic FirstAid training. David became one of the top 14 IKO examiners in the world. David started running the IKO kiteboarding Instructor training courses, about twice a year. MedicFirst Aid courses were then offered in conjunction with the ongoing instructor training program.

In 2007 Action Sports took the lead with the most innovative training programs yet conceived. Combining the very best short line techniqBOXER SLEues and flat kite technology, The kiteboarding program offered the safest and most progressive learning method to take a novice to the riding level in 4-5hours. The introduction of the range of user friendly bow-kite/SLE-kites has created the demand for the advanced training on the latest gear. In 2007 Action Sports windsurf school shifted gears again, and in collaboration with HotSailsMaui has reequipped with a stunning quiver of custom-made state-of-the-art sails that utilize the lightweight narrow mast (RDM) technologies and unique boom systems. The Windsurfing school also welcomed the addition of new Naish sailboards including the Kailua wide style models, Titans and other performance models. Action Kite School has added a new and improved Kite customer service vehicle. This exclusive support vehicle will be on hand at the kite-beach location for all the student KITE VANneeds. Combined with our extensive new XI Bow-Kite quivers and progressive rangeStandup of kiteboards and customized MLL system bars. In 2007 ASM launched their new Kites4Kids programs, which now leads the way for kids of all ages to gain access to the sport. In 2007 Our "Youth Power", windsurfing Kids Summer camp series now runs all summer long with regular weekly camps, and large kids groups. Kids from 6yrs and up can participate. Action Surfing School now offers Stand-up paddleboard lessons. The break out popularity of this sport has transformed surfing, and offers a unique experience for all ages. our new school boards are super stable, and give access to people with less than perfect balance, and newcomers. Private and semi-private groups are available on the south shore, and north shore for the advanced SIGMAclasses. In 2008 the Kite school researched and tested Naish's Sigma Concept kites for use in the lesson program. Testing prototype "Helix" and "Code" kites, it was apparent the the newer concept offered several desirable characteristics that could benefit the kiteboarding students. The Action test team worked up some new flat-kite teaching protocols that students could use to accelerate their learning time when using the 2008 "Sigmas". The kites have desirable relaunch capability, stability, balance and durability. The school has incorporated Helix, Cult and Code kites into the school, with great success. We upgraded our equipment to include the sigma kites across the board.

In 2008 we included BEST KITEBOARDING in our lesson program. Their gear represents the worlds most popular brand.  In October 08, we traveBESTled to Dominican Republic, home of the SUZIEInternational Kiteboarding Organization, for a Kiteboarding Examiners Conference. Kiteboarding representatives from around the world including the top 17 examiners were there, including our own David Dorn representing USA & Hawaii. The meeting was a forum to propel the teaching technology forward by unifying the international standards, and sharing the experiences and knowledge of the world's most respected instructor trainers. RAULIn 2008 Action Sports also reached out to Mexico running an ITC instructor training clinic in Cozumel Mexico, and helping Cozumel local, Raul De Lille set up his Kiteboarding Center there. We expanded our SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Fleet with the inclusion of boards by Laird, SOS, and Starboard. The larger range of boards gave access to heavier riders, and makes the sport even easier and more accessible to older/heavier or younger/timid KITE CLUBstudents. In 2008 we opened our new north shore lesson center. The Kite Club Maui, is the first Kite Club of its kind in Hawaii, dedicated to kiteboarding and education. it is a meeting place for students and instructors, and a venue for our clinics, courses and seminars. Located close to Kitebeach, it is a great place to relax after a kiteboarding session. KiteBeachClub became the onsite services branch of KiteClubMaui to offer an extended range or services to all our members and guests.

 For 2009 we  received our new quiver of kitesurfing school kites, the 2009 CultCULT Sports, they are be far the most advanced kited we have used to date. They have perhaps the most intuitive feel and response of all the kites we have used to date, and they have been giving great results, with students riding better, and learning faster. Our windsurf school got a new quiver of "Cutom" kids sails, and our adult quiver got a set of Naish Scout beginner sails and rigs. We also introduced the Kailua 180 liter all around beginner/intermediate training boards into our school fleet. Action Outreach Program: Our Instructor Training courses went to the mainland again this year, with an ITC course in San Francisco where we trained the Kiteboarding instructors of the Boardsports School in Alameda. And onto Seattle, where we trained the Urban Surf crew for owner Jeffro Rothenberg, a former instructor of ours. We Best of Kihei Award, Action Sports Maui, Best Amusement/recreation 2009kited Golden Gardens, and Jetty Island and they were a great group. This year the Action Sports Maui "Kiteboarding for Kids program" was adopted by the International Kiteboarding Organization as the official training program for kiteboarding instructors. The course trains instructors how to create safe and specialized for kids and younger students. and lowered the minimum age for kiteboarding kids from 12 to 9years old, and it also includes activities for even younger kids. The "Teach to Kids" course is now offered as part of the IKO's continuing education program as a specialty course, and is available to instructors worldwide through the online training system, and the course is now available in multiple languages. Back on Maui we had several memorable Women's Kiteboarding clinics from Clarissa Hempel, and also from 9x World champion Kristin Boese. In October 2009 we received the "Best of Kihei Award" for Best Amusement Recreation in 2009. In November we ran the final instructor training for the year in Kahului. In December 2009 we officially launched our Online Ocean Education program. The Ocean Education program is Ocean Education trademarka cooperative education venture, bringing the water-based knowledge-base of the best instructors to the world wide watersports community, The Ocean Education programs are dedicated to promote responsible stewardship of the ocean environment, and the safe participation in ocean recreation and ocean sports.

 In December we received our 2010 Chargers for the school.  For 2010 we had a big year, with instructor training schedule two Instructor training courses (ITC's) on Maui, and several courses on the Mainland. In April David ran a big ITC course on Maui with our friends from Urban Surf Seattle, coming down to join in, and several of our local instructors trained and got certified under the IKO's International teaching system. Soon after David went to Hood River to run the IKO kiteboarding Instructor training course. Host school Cascade Kiteboarding is run by our friend Tonia Farman from the (KB4Girls women's kite clinics). David and Suzie & the Cascade crew produced a memorable event and certified a new batch of instructors from all kinds of locations, including the Washington, Puget sound crews too. David Dorn's ongoing work with the IKO and his dedication to kiteboarder education, was recognized this year with a new appointment to Training Manager of the IKO, David joins now the IKO home-team of the world's top kiteboarding instructor-trainers, his new position would allow him to create the latest educational materials, safety training and standards that are taught worldwide through the entire IKO Kiteboarder network. David was now one of only three Training Masters (TM's) in the world, and became responsible for the content that is taught by thousands of kiteboarding instructors worldwide and translated into at least five different languages. Congratulations David!.

2010 was a big year for the Kids with the "Kite for Kids" program, and the Summer Evolution Kids Windsurf Camps, and the Kids Ocean discovery surfing clinics. We had a great KB4Girls tour Clinic for Women Kiters, sponsored by Best Kiteboarding, and supporting Surfrider. Kiting women came together for an intensive clinic with instructors, Kristin Boese, Tonia Farman, and David Dorn. Women can look forward to more Kite clinics from Kristin Boese in the near future. And Pro-kiter Clarissa Hempel is taking a break from kiting to have a baby, so good luck to her, and we hope to have Clarissa back out with us again soon. We got several quivers of the new 2010 Naish Kites, Starting with the Chargers in the new delta hybrid style, then a full quiver of "0-ten" Helix, hybrid-c/bow shapes, & 0-ten Cults, new Thorn, Momentum, and Haze boards for the school. The chargers are possibly the most user friendly kite we have ever had in the school, with the fastest relaunch and forgiving handling, and linier power control. These improvements will no doubt translate into more water-time, longer rides and more stoked students. Best Kiteboarding has set us up with some of the latest offerings from Best. The 2010 Kahoona, and Bularoo kites became available in the school, and for demo at the store. April saw another Maui Instructor Course with a good showing from the PNW, Jeffro Rothenberg from Urban Surf and his crew of kiteboard instructors came down for some Hawaiian action. In May we were in Oregon to run an instructor training course. A nice change of pace and climate. The NW contingent are tough outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen and they can handle the cold water for sure. We had a great course and we were treated to the best hospitality ever. This is a great location where many of our friends are based. In July 2010 we hit another milestone, as Maui's largest windsurfing school, offering the most diverse set of instructional programs from Kids to Advanced sailors. Also for the first time we are proud to announce our association with our new sponsors, Airush Kiteboarding. Actually Action Sports and Airush go back to the first days of the kiting industry on Maui, but now we have officially become Maui's Airush School. Students can get lessons on the latest kites and boards from Airush. We have test demos DNA's & Lithium, and offer every level of advanced kiteboarding lessons too. The Kids windsurfing Camps welcomed the youngest aged riders ever, offering camps to kids as young as Four years old. Little sailors that were comfortable in the ocean, were able to learn about ocean awareness and being beach smart. This training was essential for any Keiki wanting to thrive and survive in Maui's ocean environment. Some graduates of the Kid's Camps went gone on to become professional windsurfers at very young ages. Our commitment to supporting Keiki continues with a return to the Molokai Crossing charity event for Youth-in-Motion, for kids on the island of Molokai. Action Sports were proud supporters of the event in past years and were glad to have the event back and running again in 2010. In 2010 lessons were enhanced with the addition of new Waterproof Radio helmets from Headzone Australia. Headzone make the world's best watersports communication tools for on-water instruction. The headzone helmets became especially useful for the intermediate and advanced level lessons and coaching sessions. The instructor could communicate to the student in real time and give vital feedback to help avoid mistakes or make instantaneous corrections. Radio Helmets really boosted the learning process. In September we had a full ITC course with local kiters and some international candidates as well. Each candidate was put thorough their paces and took on the classwork and coursework with gusto. A few of the graduates ultimately joined the Action Team; Ian, Andrew, and Woody. As a Naish kite school, we work closely with Naish's kite designers and we road test the latest kites in the 2011 Naish Lineup. And we were actively testing with the latest kite gear. So we already had all the new gear dialed-in before it came online in the school in late 2010. In December 2010 David traveled to a conference in the Dominican Republic to meet with the top kiteboarding trainers at the headquarters of the International Kiteboarding Organization. The meeting brought the top trainers from the kitesurfing world to contribute towards setting the new standards for instruction and kiteboarders safety in education, the program is then distributed around the world and translated into as many as 7 languages, David was appointed the head of the training committee and is responsible for ensuring that kiteboarding instruction keeps pace with the developments in the sport.  Late 2010 we had some strong Kona winds and Kona storms and then some strong winter trade winds to finish out the year. 

   2011 In 2011 our Kite Club and Team Action Sports took to the snow with a Snowkiting trip to Idaho. The gang at Snowkite soldier were hosting a snowkite event and also have the best snowkite school in the area. David and Suzie from Action Sports came out with a contingent of the Portland/Hood river crew. Most of whom were experienced snowkiters with many snowjourns under their belts. There were perfect snowkiting conditions and miles of untracked snow to ride. We used our new quiver of 2011 Naish Park kites, and their highly efficient shapes performed well in the snow. We will be heading back next winter for an IKO snowkite instructor training course. It's will be open to all IKO instructors and snowkiters can sign up for the course but numbers are limited. If you cant attend the course you can still join us for some awesome snowkite sessions. In April we hosted at Action Sports an Athletes for Cancer, Surfing Camp for Cancer survivors. This was a special event run by Tonia Farman's Kiteboard4Cancer foundation a special camp where participants learned ocean sports. The camp was so successful that another was immediately planned for October in Maui. In May we returned to Hood River for another IKO training Course hosted by cascade kiteboarding. Then we headed down to SanFrancisco for another ITC hosted by Boardsportsschool, where we also conducted some kiteboarding examiner training for some new upcoming instructor trainers. Former Action instructor and current owner of Urban Surf school in Seattle, Jeffro Rothenberg finally completed his requirements to become an IKO Examiner. In July and August Maui saw some perfect wind conditions and our Cabrinha Kiteboardingwindsports were going off everyday. Our Kiteboarding School joined forces with Cabrinha Kiteboarding for the very first time, and we created a partnership to use the new Gear in the school. Cabrinha has been a great supporter to the program and our instructors and students are loving the kites. Especially popular are the Convert school kites for their quality and durability, and the Vector and Switchblade lines of kites for their ease of use. Our summer windsurfing Kids Camps were awesome and when our kids came back, many also brought along their younger siblings. There has also been a resurgence of interest in Keiki windsurfing with many young ones turning out. Some as young as 4 and a half. The windsurfing for Kids camps was still the best way we know to share the benefits and social experience of windsurfing in a fun group setting. And our Surfing Kids Camps and Kiteboarding Kids camps were becoming more popular than ever. In July 2011 we launched our new south shore surf center, SurfClubMaui serving the southshore for all surf sports. SurfClub was an extension of our existing surf schools, and it allowed us to offer more services than ever before. School year changes to summer vacation break ensured that the popular kids programs kept going strong. Surf school was joined by local Kihei boy Clifford, and Noelani from the island of Kauai. Later in Sept 2011 our trainers went down under for a multi state tour of the kiteboarding centers of Australia. In October we ran our second Surf4Cancer survivorship camp. And the kite training team went to Europe for an official tour conducting a series of Instructor certification courses stretching from Italy to the Netherlands. 2012 In January 2012 Action Sports hooked up with our sister school Extreme Winds in Aruba, run by our good friends Fernando and Helena Dulce. Fernando also completed his Examiner training and joined our international team of kiteboard instructor trainers. Early 2012 we saw a lot of wind on Maui thanks to the la Nina climate cycle, and we also saw many large swell events that kept all the wave kiters and north shore surfers very happy. In 2012 our surfing team welcomed local boy Dylan. The windsurfing team was joined by Pieter and Kieran. Local boy Matt joined the surf team. The windsurf school got busy working with with the local Sail design team to develop the new prototypes for next season's school sails. The kiteboarding team was joined by newcomer (to Maui) instructor Rob from the Gorge, and Kara from Seattle. For the rest of 2012 there are already many great events and courses planned. Including 2 ITC Instructor training Courses, and a series of Kite4Girls Women's Kiteboarding Clinics, as well as regular Ladies Days and Sunday Sessions run by MauiKiteGirls, for local community and club guests. Where women kiters are supporting and inspiring each other to push their skills to the next level. The Kite Club's Sunday Sessions* and "Ladies Days" are always 100% free, and include coaching and technical tips from instructors and coaches.  2012 was a great year for the spring and summer Kid's Camp programs. Kiteschool introduced a new quiver of Naish Ride kites for the lesson program, and some new 2013 vectors from Cabrinha. September 2012 had a big Kiteboarding training event scheduled, for IKO kiteboarding instructor certifications. Our instructor training program included several local AITC Assistant Instructor courses courses as a prerequisite to the ITCs (Instructor Training Courses) we were host to mainland and international candidates who came all the way to Maui for their Kiteboarding instructor training and Certifications. Late 2012 includes a training tour down under for a three state tour. Our training program expanded the network, and more instructors were certified in Brisbane Queensland and Melbourne kite centers, The training tour included training and certifying a new Examiner from Australia, Chris Sal, from Kite Republic. Chris qualified as the newest member of the international training team. In 2012 we completed a Kite Tour to Thailand Asia, visiting the kiteboarding hotspots and touring the best kiteboarding schools in the region. As part of IKO, the world's largest kiteboarding network, we got to visit Hua Hin, PranBuri, as well as the islands of Koh Samui running courses and touring schools. Several Kiteboarding instructor training courses first aid courses, as well as overseeing the training of Thailand's first instructor trainer/and newest IKO Examiner Jens Nerbring from Kite Club Thailand. Thailand presented some new challenges as the light winds, and tropical conditions lead to several stormy days and some tropical rain an humidity. Several close encounters with the local sea life and an great cultural experience. In 2013 we ran several AITC courses and welcomed several new instructors into our kiteboarding school. Our surf school has several new faces and a steady stream of instructor candidates are in training, Our adult Surf Camps were really special this year and we have had so many awesome experiences with our Athletes groups.  New IKO Kiteboarding Instructor Training courses in April were successful, and our upcoming September course is filling up as well, email us now to make a reservation. We did a very successful training to East Coast Cape hatteras area, and visited the home of aviation in Kitty hawke NC. and paid homage at the Wright Bros museum. We always learn more when we teach, and seeing new people and new places gives us a great inspiration. and expands our network of contacts and friends. Thanks to Hristo at Kite Club Hatteras as our host and organizer for the CHNC tour's) 2013 we had and two mainland tours and an International European Examiner conference for Kiteboarding elite trainers.  The top trainers from the international kiteboarding organization came together for a gathering. this special event highlighted European issues, as well as the latest training updates. 2013 we kicked off the pilot for a New Coaching level3 kiteboarding Instructor certifications. We will be having some local specialty Certified Coaching Courses for Wavekiting Coaching, as well as a pilot Freestyle Coaching certification course. 2014 has been an exciting year with many of our courses being refined and overhauled. All of our programs have new content, updated techniques. Our Kiteboarding Instructor Training courses, includes exclusive training manuals and updated lesson plans only available to selected schools. Action Sports is only IKO approved "Test Lab" in the USA approved to utilize the latest advances in instruction. Test Labs are where the finishing touches and final polish are put on the newest programs before their release to the general public. Our top trainers are currently co-developing the new kiteboarding courses in conjunction with the world's top kiteboarding trainers. This year we are offering IKO Kiteboarding instructor training camps, courses, and some exclusive internships for selected qualified individuals. 2014 also sees the return of our regular line up of specialty camps, adult clinics, and of course our popular Kids Programs.. Our summer kids camps are already filling up fast, and are set to be very special this year. We have had a few instructors come through already just for some short stays. However our popular celebrity instructors and regular guys will be returning again for the coming season. Woody is coming back this summer to join the Kite team, after his Winter Olympics sojourn in Sochi, Russia. Where Woody ran the downhill skiing course crew. You will also see our summer line up of instructors return, relaxed and revitalized after their winter retreats and tours. New Kite Instructor Koni is now a regular with a extensive background in sailing and windsurfing and experience teaching kiteboarding in the Columbia River Gorge. Two new instructors have joined our Windsurf team already, newcomer Davide from Italy joins us this summer, and Jack who many of you regulars will recognize has many years of local knowledge teaching here on Maui. Our Surf crew welcomes experienced surfer Michael, and newcomer Whitney to Maui. Our popular Surf Camp instructors and Nicky and Felipe, and the rest of our regular surf crew will be returning again this season. Our Kite team welcomes Sara and Gonzo, Sara from  the Caribbean, and Gonzo from Mexico both were kite school owners in their home countries. Also we welcome Brian and Cindy, kite beach regulars for the past few years. Brian and Cindy are certified IKO instructors and have a lot of local knowledge. They have also travelled a great deal and taught in different locations and conditions, and they both have a lot of information to share. Don't forget that Action Sports Maui is Maui's only kite school that is a member of the IKO international school network. Our affiliated School network is steadily expanding by adding more quality schools in locations around the world. Our school network offers our customers are guaranteed the highest standard level of service, wherever they travel. All of our Kite students receive a kiteboarder certification/membership card, that gives them access to exclusive products and services, and many restricted beaches and launch sites. The strength and quality of our network is growing, including many European, and US members joining our ranks. Not to mention an expanding snow-kiting program to keep you fully engaged during the winter months. Our Network also offers our certified instructors and trainee instructors unique travel opportunities and a variety of training options, in a selection of countries. With our network we can do instructor exchanges, as well as offer exclusive job placements for our program participants. University students in sports and recreation fields can now get credit with our Sports Specific Internship programs. And due to rule changes from the certifying body, we can now offer a more flexible 6 and 12 month internships in our Wind sports, and surf sports programs. In summer 2015 we have several east coast tours planned. As well as instructor courses throughout the year. The windsurf crew welcomes new instructor Martine, Our kite team welcomes back, Woody and Gonzo and newcomer James a snowkiter from back east. Our latest offering is advanced 5-day kiteboarding clinics, that are run as exclusive special events, these clinics are available to advanced riders, as well as to certified kiteboarding instructors wishing to gain the latest IKO coaching qualification.

All this and more is coming your way, so stay tuned and checkout our Action Calendar for upcoming special events.

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