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We Naish Kailua "Wide-style" and Starboard Go's for our beginner/intermediate windsurfing lessons. These stable and versatile boards are the first choice learning vehicle worldwide. These boards are much easier to use than the old schools boards used long ago, that is why learning to windsurf is now easier than ever. We couple these boards with our unmatched quiver of lightweight rigs featuring the latest Sails. We have a comprehensive range of sail sizes starting from the tiny 1.2 meter Micro style Kids sail. The original kid's sail was custom designed for us by sail designers and our own master windsurfing instructor. kids get the best kids rigs that are both fun and functional mini-rigs. 

Beginner Sails

Old School New School


                    Custom Hotsail Fusions

This sail reflects the philosophy of the sail's designers that young sailors should have access to serious equipment not just toys. The sail range has incremental sizes, right up to the largest sizes to accommodate sailors of various weights statures and abilities. These Sails are matched to lightweight Carbon Fiber masts. The booms are light weight and are custom designed with a narrow grip diameter for added comfort and ease of use. The combination of these components in our windsurfing rigs are the very best and latest technology available, no expense has been spared to give the student the equipment to learn easily and progress rapidly.

We have the biggest rental fleet on Maui. Choose boards from: Naish, JP Australia, Goya. Sails from; Goya, Naish, Hot Sails, & Gaastra. Fiberspar, Powerex and Naish carbon masts, Da Kine harnesses, and roof racks included.

Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will help you select the right board for your skill level and the daily conditions. You get two sails to take with you, with the correct fitting mast, boom and base. We help you fit the racks and get you on your way.


We have every size of board to choose from. Soft-top Longboards 9-12 feet, NSP New Surf Project, Southpoint Epoxy sandwich boards. Epoxy mini-tankers, Naish woodies and epoxy fun shapes, fish and shortboards.


A sample of the new surfboard selections
available to rent or purchase at the store.

BODYBOARDS: We also rent and sell a large selection of bodyboards and fins and accessories. We rent bodyboards by the day, week or month. We have a range of sizes to suit different sized riders.

Morey Boogie Board

We always have the latest surf reports and marine conditions so you can better select the right gear.

We use the complete range of Naish Inflatable Kites, Park, Charger, Bolt, Ride, and Fly. Trainer Kites by Naish & HQ Power. We have the latest kites in our demo quiver and a huge selection of new and used kites available to our customers. Boards include the Naish twin-tips Momentum, Haze, Money Shot, Monarch, Thorn. Directional Global, Fish and Gun.

We only recommend the latest gear from the Top brands like Naish


Naish Helix  

Boards by Naish
These are our favorite production boards. These board uses snowboard technology for the ideal combination of flex, weight and strength. New directional boards from Naish include the Global, Fish and Gun.
For the fun and easy way to get kiteflying skills, we recommend that you purchase a trainer kite before your kiteboarding lessons. We have Ram-air design kites in sizes ranging from 1m2 to 3m2. When using any kite you should take extreme care.
Our trainer kites from Naish are fun performance kites that can produce a lot of power, and younger fliers should always be supervised by adults.
These kites are extremely fun, but they are not toys.

Purchase your 2.0m Naish Xeon trainer-kite package, before your kiteboarding lessons. get some practice an be better prepared for your lessons.

"Kitesurfing is the fastest growing extreme sport". To start to master this sport you need the ability to fly a kite, and the best way to do that is with a trainer kite. a trainer kite helps you get the skills you need safely and easily, before you hit the water. Flying the trainer kite will give you the wind awareness and kite handling skills that you need, then you will be better prepared to get the most out of professional kitesurfing lessons. trainer kites can be flown; on beaches, in parks, fields and even on snow.

After your lessons, your Our Newest Customer Service Vaninstructors will also be able to advise you on choosing the perfect kite gear to purchase.  Example: The latest Naish Rides are excellent kites and highly recommended by us. 







Huge Selection of Used Kite Just in: We have a huge stock of used kites just in, Save big $$$$ by buying a good used kite.  Get two good used kites complete with bars for the price of just one new kite. The best value for your kiting dollar ever!


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