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Kiteboarding Lessons with Action Sports Maui
training day with kitegirl, Suzie and her kitesurtfing instructor using a 5-line Naish kitesurfing kite. One of the advanced kiteboarding jumps that students learn in the kitesurfing courses offerred by the school
Action Sports Maui, is Maui's original kiteboarding center, and the largest school of kiteboarding in Hawaii.
actively teaching the sport of kiteboarding full time since 1997.
This provides unmatched experience and depth to the lesson program.

Our lessons cater to every level of rider from beginner to advanced.
You will be kiteboarding confidently & safely, in the shortest amount of time possible.
We believe that the learning process shoudl be fun.
Lessons are at "Kite Beach Maui" with near perfect kitesurfing weather.
Hawaiian trade winds provide more kitable days per year than any other destination.
Kiteboarding is constantly evolving, and so are our training techniques.
ASM is an official IKO test-Lab where we develop newer and better methodology to improve the teaching techniques used worldwide.
This guarantees that our students allways have the latest tools to become safe and independent kiteboarders.
Action Sports has sucessfully taught thousands of kiteboarders over the years.
and every year many students return for more advanced levels of training.

Learning to kiteboard is now easier than ever before.
New equipment and Instruction techniques have made the sport safer and easier. The learning time has been cut in half.
Come and try it for yourself, and enjoy the Action.

Kiteboarding is an Extreme Sport.
Only instruction from a certified instructor ensures that you will get the proper safety
training necessary for safe participation in this sport.
Do not leave your personal safety to chance.
Do not waste your time and money on uncertified amateur instruction.
Insist on learning with the best.
You deserve to have a recognized certified Instructor who is trained to meet international standards.
Only the IKO International Kiteboarding Organization, is recognized internationally. Only IKO ofers trainig and certification in over 40 countries.
And Action Sports Maui is the ONLY official IKO School in the state of Hawaii.

Start kiteboarding the safe and fun way, and get all the skills you need, faster!

Action Sports Maui, is Maui's original kiteboarding center.  We combine tradition and experience with the latest technology. Our lessons cater to every level of rider from beginner to advanced. Our mission is to get you kiteboarding confidently &  safely in the shortest amount of time possible and make the learning process fun. Students receive quality instruction exclusively from IKO certified Instructors.  Our school is located at the world famous "Kite Beach Maui" which offers great weather conditions year round. The reliable trade winds blow consistently, providing the most kite-able days and the island's geography naturally funnels the wind to concentrate its direction and strength. Our lessons are held at Kite Beach, and our students have access to our exclusive facilities at Kite Beach Club more...

Our regularly scheduled lesson plans include: Kiteboarding Intro Class, Discover Kiteboarding Class, Kiteboarding Shared Group Class, Kiteboarding Short Course 3day, Kiteboarding 5-day Course, Kiteboarding 10-day Course, Advanced 10-day Course, Kiteboarding for Kids, Kiteboarding Private training, Assistant Instructor Course, Kiteboarding Instructor Course, Medic FirstAid Course, Women's kiteboarding Clinics, Guide & caddy service. Specialty lessons include: Directional board, Wave-kiting, Foilboarding, Hydrofoil, Freestyle, Equipment Outfitting, and Kite Club. Follow any link above or click here to book your session online.  

Our friendly IKO certified kiteboarding instructors will focus on your individual needs, to make your learning experience safe and rewarding.  Choosing a genuine Affiliated IKO Center like Action Sports Maui guarantees that you will be taught according to the International Kiteboarding Organization's high safety standards & techniques. Action Sports is Maui's premier IKO Affiliated Center, School ID#372. Action Sports is Maui's ONLY certified IKO Center. We are the only school in Hawaii to be part of the IKO Kiteboarding network with over 140 of the world's best school's in the world's best kiteboarding destinations. We only use 100 percent IKO Certified instructors. Feel free to verify our status at the IKO's official website. We guarantee that you will only receive the very best instruction from real Certified kiteboarding Instructors.

Kiteboarder Education: Since the beginning our roots have been in instruction and ocean sports education. Action Sports was a pioneer in the beginning of kiteboarding and was the birthplace of the first kite teaching systems. Ever since the sport's beginning kiteboarders of all levels come to Action Sports Maui to receive instruction and be trained and certified with the latest methods. Education is the key to making these sports safe and accessible.
IKO Kiteboarding Certification:
Action Sports Maui is home to the International Kiteboarding Organization's teaching standard, and is an official IKO Affiliated Center member of the prestigious IKO School Network (ID# 372). The I.K.O. system is the worlds biggest kiteboarding community and most widely accepted certification for kiteboarding Instruction. IKO covers all levels of kiteboarding.
Our Owner: Our school is owned and operated by David Dorn, who is Maui's most experienced kiteboarding instructor, and the top level certified IKO instructor trainer/examiner, and training master (T.M.). David has also been appointed as the Training Director of the IKO organization, and is now responsible for instructor training and examiner training across the entire IKO network worldwide.
Our Instructor Team: Our team includes dedicated instructors and trainers who utilize the safest teaching procedures, and the industry's most respected Training System. Each Action Sports Instructor also receives ongoing training to help them reach and maintain the highest standards. We offer all our private and group lessons with our regular certified instructors, and any course can be upgraded to a Senior instructor for an additional $10 per hour, and our premier Training Master is available by request for an additional $20/hr above our standard rates.
Your Lessons:
In all of your lessons our emphasis is on safety, giving you hands-on experience with just the right amount of technical information. Every kiteboarding student is eligible to receive an official IKO Kiteboarder Certification card. You can upgrade any of your lessons from a standard instructor to a Senior instructor for an additional $10 per hour. You can also select this option when booking online.

IKO Kiteboarder CardThe IKO International Kiteboarding Organization, is a kiteboarding training & certification system that has a worldwide recognized network of affiliated kiteboarding schools. IKO is the worlds largest kiteboarding community.
With your IKO card you can continue your training in any one of the certified schools, & rent equipment appropriate to your level. Get kiteboarder insurance & other benefits.
Discover Kiteboarding
Intermediate Kiteboarder
Independent Kiteboarder
Advanced Kiteboarder
Expert Kiteboarder
Pro Kiteboarder
Get IKO Certified.The skill set taught to beginners has the essential core elements which are needed for more advanced levels of riding. With the emphasis on control, the students gain more confidence and learn faster. Safety and retention has been improved and the sport is more accessible than ever. That is why you are now seeing more women and children entering the sport. NB: Lessons are a must.
Book Online!  Now you can book online to setup up your lesson schedule, you will have all the options available, exclusive offers, and priority in the schedule. All lessons must be pre-booked so don't wait till the last minute and risk missing out. Click on the buttons on this page to pre-book your lessons!

 Kiteboarding Intro Class  2.5 hrs ("Intro") $199.00 (+ Tax)                  No experience required

(The best value). This lesson is the fastest way to try Kiting! This session gives the student the chance to try kiteboarding with more hands on experience and we go light on the theory. This session gives the student the chance to really try the gear and get the feel for flying the kite, We start flying on land, and get into the water too.  In this class you get the chance to try a little bit of everything. To get a taste of the kiteboarder experience. We include all the gear, and show you, the control systems, safety systems, and the self-rescue. Kite launching & landing, body-dragging tandem and solo. We supply right size gear for each different student at each step of your learning curve. With our accelerated learning technique, you will be spend more time doing and less time talking. This lesson gives you a good overview into what the sport of kiteboarding has to offer. After the Intro class, you can upgrade to any one of our longer courses. No previous experience is required. This class is taught as a private lesson, and our one-on-one instructor ratio ensures that you will learn at your own pace. *Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr (add $25.00). *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.



 Discover Kiteboarding Class  3.5 hrs ("Day 1") $279.00 (+ Tax)                  Level 1

(The most popular single day lesson). This lesson is a perfect way to get start Kiteboarding! This lesson gives your first installment into the sport of kiteboarding. Covering the core skills, wind direction and site selection, Essential kite flying skills on land and in the water, harness technique one handed flying, body dragging, and an introduction to the board. You will learn: wind theory,  safety steps, safety systems, self-rescue, launching & landing, and intro to the waterstart technique. We supply all the necessary equipment. With our progressive method, you will be spend more time doing and less time talking. This lesson can be a one off experience, or the first installment in a longer training course. You can upgrade at any time. No previous experience is required. This private lesson is tailored to your learning style so you can progress at your own pace. For more information about our Discover Kiteboarding program click here. *Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr (add $35.00). *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

 Kiteboarding Shared/ Group Classes  3hrs   $149.00 pp (+ Tax)                  Level 1

Families or couples that want to play together can take the group lesson. This option is good if you have a little more time available. Students can share the experience together, and will learn at a relaxed pace. Shared lessons are great for team building, which is an advantage for future kite buddies. Students take turns in the different roles, to round out their skill set. This class also shows students how to work together as a team. Each student learns the launching and landing skills necessary to being a good kite buddy. Often couples, families, friends and siblings will take this class together. We recommended max 2 or 3 people per class. Participants should be at a similar experience level to each other. This group class is also a good way to include a sibling or spouse that might otherwise sit it out. Longer courses and available on request. A full selection of the latest equipment is included. No previous experience is required. *Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr (add $30.00). *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.     



 Kiteboarding Short Course  3-Day   $695.00 (+ Tax)                       Level 2

This 3-lesson course includes 9.5 hours of private kiteboarding instruction spread over three days. This is a discounted package. This course is the fast track into the sport for people with a limited amount of time. This course is ideal for people with some prior watersports experience. The days need not be consecutive. The lesson covers all the techniques in the Kite Intro Class including:  wind directions, site selection, basic kite flying skills on land and in the water, harness technique, body drags, board handling, and waterstarts. This course covers all the basic safety protocols, safety systems and self rescue procedures, you will need to become a safe and independent kiteboarder. With our proven methodology, you will progress in a safe and rewarding manner. We supply all the necessary equipment,  and will change gear when needed to keep you challenged as you progress. This course is a suggested minimum for confident water persons who want to become independent and intend to buy their own gear. This course can also be upgraded to any of our longer courses.  *Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr (add $90.00). *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

 Kiteboarding 5-Day Course  $1050.00 (+ Tax)                      Level 3

This 5-lesson full course includes 15 hours of kiteboarding instruction spread over five days. This is the best course for most people entering the sport. This course is a popular discounted package. This course gives you a great start in the sport of kiteboarding. In the industry this is considered to be the minimum level of training for those who want to practice kiteboarding safely on their own equipment. This course covers; Intro to the sport, gear selection, set-up & adjusting the gear for the different conditions, safe launching, assisted launching, self-launching, body drags, board recoveries, waterstarts, water re-launching, and board riding. You learn how to navigate around moving & fixed objects, and learn the right of way rules of the road. We ensure that you have a solid understanding of essential safety protocols, self-rescue procedures, and know how to use all of your safety systems. We provide a complete range of equipment including all the necessary safety gear, boards, and kites. No previous watersports training required. All participants must be able to swim. Only proper training from a skilled and certified instructor will ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to operate the kiteboarding equipment safely without unnecessary risk. Students with previous watersports experience, or  board riding skills will be able to integrate their skills, because this entire course will be tailored to each individual student's experience and ability.  *Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr (add $150.00). *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.


 Kiteboarding 10-Day Course    $2050.00 (+ Tax)

This 10-lesson course includes 30 hours of kiteboarding instruction spread over ten days. This is a comprehensive kite course. This course will gives you a solid foundation in the sport of kiteboarding. This course is the best way to get into kiteboarding, and covers all the basic skills covered in the "Classic" 5day course plus a deeper level of theory and more time to work on skills mastery, and kiting in a variety of conditions. This course includes: equipment handling, kite-control skills, launching and landing techniques,  safety systems, and ride-safe protocols. Students then progress from short rides to upwind riding, jibing, and jumping. The increased ride-time enables the student to hone their skills with constant feedback from the instructors, creating the most rapid progression possible. We can ride with you or caddy your equipment. In this course we can do a range of techniques, and utilize alternate launch sites and beach locations. This course is great for someone who wants to take the sport of kiteboarding home with them, to a location without kiteboarding schools or other assistance. We also recommend this course for Maui residents who are committed to enter the sport safely and competently and want to be a responsible member of our kiteboarding community. The hours in this course can be spread out to suit your work or vacation schedule. *Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr (add $295.00). *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

 Kiteboarding Advanced 10-Day Course  $2195.00 (+ Tax)

The advanced 10-day (30hr) course is the ultimate kiteboarding training program. The pre-requisite riding level for entry to the Advanced course is planing both directions, staying upwind and basic jibing (see IKO level 3). The riding skills course builds on the basic skills of the intermediate student reinforcing a solid foundation and introducing many next level techniques. Jumping, jibing, waveriding, and freeride or freestyle can be covered. In this course your instructor rides with you, coaches, and gives constant on water support. We can also cover several specialties including, down-winders, and long distance rides. We offer a selection of gear including Ocean Rodeo® and Naish® performance kites and a selection of boards; twin-tips and directional's. We tailor this course according to your; experience level, skill set and physical ability. This course is also recommended for Candidates preparing for the IKO* instructor training courses (ITC's). Kiteboarding Manual, and DVD Available.  *Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr (add $295.00). *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

 Kiteboarding for KIDS  $155.00 (+ Tax) 2hrs

The kids program is designed to be fun and teach the kids of different ages the appropriate kite flying skills for their level. Kids aged from 5-9years: Kids are special, and they are fast learners. We have lots of experience teaching intro to kiting, and power kite flying on the beach to young children. We have special Clinics, and activities, and mixed family sessions. Our instructors have specialty training to prepare them for our kids program. For Kids 9-12 years Old: Our "Teaching Kiteboarding to Kids" Course is recognized by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and is taught in selected schools by specially trained Kiteboarding instructors. Kids lessons are shorter than adult lessons, usually lasting between one and two hours. Siblings, friends and families can learn together as a fun group activity. Kids are very impressionable, and forming a positive first impression, is vital in shaping their attitudes to the wind and water for the rest of their lives. The first day is one of the most important in a kids Kiteboarding career. Many newcomers will decide on this day whether this is the right sport for them or not. At Action Sports Maui we know how important your kids first day is, and we do our very best to give kids a safe, fun and empowering experience.  Click here for more information about the KITE 4 KIDS program. *Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr (add $20.00). *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.


 Kiteboarding Private Training from $80-$100  (+ Tax) per hour

Our professional Certified kiteboarding Instructors can help you unleash your full Kiteboarding potential with customized personal training. Private training is tailored to your individual needs and desires. Private training is available for all levels of kiteboarding. If you have never ridden on Maui before we strongly recommend taking a private "Orientation" session. Our instructors can ride with you, giving you on-water instruction, advice and assistance. We teach on directional, twin-tips. Your choice of freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, or wavestyle.  We can cover any techniques you want to learn. Access to our complete range of equipment is available or if you prefer; Bring your own gear, or your your newly purchased equipment. We can help you get it properly assembled, customized, and tuned-up. Ask about our exclusive downwinders, long-distance, and inter-island instruction, And we can also offer international instruction through the world's largest teaching network. Private Lessons are available in; Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, & English. For more information about Kiteboard Private Training click here to go to our page for more details. if you have a special requirement, special needs, or have some more questions about our programs, just send us and email. Junior (standard) Instructors are available for $80 per hour, Senior Instructors are $90 per hour, and our Master instructor David Dorn is available for $100 per hour. Private sessions are a minimum 2 hours. *Senior instructors available by request. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.


 Kiteboarding Guide & caddy Services (poa)

Our professional Certified kiteboarding Instructors are available to guide you and caddy your gear for your kiteboarding sessions here on Maui. members of our Kite Club, and IKO cardholders can receive this exclusive service by appointment. Kite for an hour or kite for week. We can arrange to ship and or store your gear, or ride one of our latest quiver of Naish or Cabrinha wings. The program is customized to your needs. This service is only available to Kite Club members and IKO Kiteboarder cardholders (3N or above).
*Please present your IKO kiteboarder card when booking these services to receive this special offer. All guided sessions include a daily SEA spot assessment, a local area orientation, and gear check, test ride with your guide. Caddy Service includes supervision and assistance from your assigned instructor/caddy. If you have a special requirement or some questions about our programs, just send us and email.
*Senior instructors available by request for an additional $10/hr. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

IKO Kiteboarder Card

 Kiteboarding Assistant Instructor Course (AITC)    3-Day     $350.00 (+ Tax)

Start your career by becoming an IKO certified Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor. This is your first step to becoming a professional IKO Kiteboarder logo.instructor, and teaches you the basic skills that will allow you to start working in a kiteboarding school. The Three-day IKO AITC courses are available on demand so pre-registration is recommended. This IKO Course requires IKO Level "3N" skill levels or greater. The courses cover basic kiteboarding teaching techniques, school organization etc. Upon completion of the course, assistant instructors undergo a practical skills test and an Instruction test to obtain the Assistant Instructor Certification. This International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certification is recognized in more than 40 Countries worldwide. For details of the different Instructor Courses go to our Kiteboarding Instructor Courses information Page. This course is a prerequisite for the Level1 instructor course (ITC). To apply for this course please download the Prerequisites, Information Sheet and the Application form. *Participants must be over 16 and have, current Adult CPR and First Aid certification. This course cannot be booked online, so call us to make a reservation. *The cost of this Training does not include the $50 pre-registration fee paid to IKO. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.
*Assistant Instructor Certificate included!, *Assistant Instructor Manual Included!


 Kiteboarding Instructor Training Course (ITC)     5-Day     $1050.00 (+ Tax)

Become a part of this exciting sport as an IKO certified kiteboarding instructor. Action Sports proudly offers Instructor Certification Courses from the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization), the world's most widely recognized certification. The Five-day IKO ITC courses are available on scheduled dates and pre-registration is required because the course numbers are limited. Prospective kiteboarding instructors should check out the entry requirements and prerequisites for this course. The IKO Course requires IKO Level "3N" riding/skill levels or greater. The Assistant Course (AIC) is a prerequisite for this ITC. The courses cover kiteboarding instructional techniques, psychology, and communication techniques. Upon completion of the course,  instructors undergo a practical skills International Kiteboarding Organization Logotest, written exam and a live instruction test to obtain the Instructor Certification. For details of the upcoming Instructor Courses go to our Kiteboarding Instructor Courses information Page.  *Participants must be over 18 and have, current Adult CPR and First Aid certification. Airfare and accommodation packages to Maui are available. This course cannot be booked online, so call us to make a reservation. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.
*Kiteboarding Instructor Certificate and *Instructor's Teaching Manual included. IKO Instructor ID Card (also available)!

 Medic FirstAid-CPR Course (ITC)    1-Day     $90.00 (+ Tax)                             ( FirstAid-CPR is required for all instructor levels)

Medic First Aid and CPR Course: Current Adult CPR and First Aid certification course. (This course is scheduled to precede the ITC & IEC courses). This course is open to all adults. The 1-day Medic FirstAid / CPR Course (courses run up to 6 to 7hours) depending on scheduling and breaks. This course includes Audiovisual presentations, live demonstrations, practical exercises, a written test and a Medic First Aid CPR Course.practical test. This course is essential for all instructor training courses, and watersportsmen. These skills can save a life. Adult First Aid & CPR techniques are covered in this 1-Day course. Class sizes are limited so book ahead to avoid disappointment. This course can be used as a refresher or recertification for expired providers. CPR certification is valid for two years from certification date. This course cannot be booked online, so call us to make a reservation. Course costs $90.00. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.
*includes a printed manual and Certification card.


WOMEN'S KITEBOARDING CLINICS with our celebrity kiteboarders.

WOMEN'S KITEBOARDING CLINICs with our celebrity guest women Pro-kiters and Pro Instructors. Come and join one of these exclusive events,

You are invited to attend one of our exclusive Women's only Kiteboarding Clinics The clinics are open to all women kiters that are (IKO L3#) upwind riders with their own gear. Register at Kite Club Maui or call Action Sports Maui. Reservations are essential because numbers are limited. The Clinics begin at 11am till 5:00pm each day, We cover all skill levels of riding from cruising, basic jumping, boosting, wake-style, and spins. If you are from out of town and need assistance with accommodation for the event, send an email. Numbers are limited so book early to make your reservation. These clinic cannot be booked online, so call us to make a reservation. The clinic is free, bring your own lunch Click for more info...
*Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.


Since 1996Olden DaysAction Sports created the world's first full-service Kiteboarding School. Leading the way in kiteboarding instruction since the beginning. Working with the pioneers and innovators of the sport to create the basic safety protocols still in useWipika Classic Kiteboardertoday, and developed the original certified teaching systems. Action was the original center for Kiteboarder instructor training and to date has trained the largest number of kiteboarding students & instructors in Hawaii.

Kiteboarding is constantly evolving, ASM is an official IKO Test-lab center where we develop and test the latest instructional methods for our worldwide teaching network. Today's students have more control, more confidence, and more motivation, and now in they get double the water time! Our lessons are designed to give every student the tools they need to ultimately become fully independent kiteboarders. And we constantly innovate and evolve to keep pace with the demands of today's students. Ridesafe logo.Action Sports Maui has taught thousands of people to kiteboard over the years. Including accomplished kiteboarders, certified instructors, & career professionals.

To make your reservation , or call: 1 (808) 871-5857
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