Today’s Weather: Friday, June 23, 2017

Our Summary: Trade Winds is forecast to be a little lighter today 15-18 mph, but we think that it will still be strong today averaging 20-25 mph, reaching the high 20’s in the afternoon. The wind should be more side-shore than yesterday. There is a little bit of shower activity visible on the radar this morning, overcast skies and there is a 20% chance of some rain in the forecast. A very High Tide at 2:52 pm at 2.88 feet. 

Kiteboarder Self-Rescue Safety Training – Kite Beach Maui. Photo Suzie Dorn

Weather Map: Map shows an approaching 1029 mb High in the northeastern Pacific, The center of which is located quite far NE of our islands. There are several highs that are co-influencing the pressure profiles in the northern Pacific at the moment. There is also a LOW with a trailing tail of a cold front moving away from us. This Low will have less influence as it moves away from us. The Isobars locally are inclined in a slightly more East-West orientation than yesterday meaning side-onshore wind. I think from the appearance of this Map that it will be side-on and steady wind today similar to yesterday, and maybe stronger wind.

Special Marine Warnings: 

High Surf Advisory…south facing shores statewide

Small Craft Advisory…windiest coasts and channels around Maui County and the Big Island

Special Weather Statement…coastal flooding possible each day into the weekend, especially for the south shores, due to the larger surf breaking there – afternoons during peak high tides will be most troublesome

Wind Forecast: Winds are forecast to be 15-17 mph today from the NE. (Easterly winds are usually better in the afternoon when they are assisted by the thermal wind effect). Partially Cloudy Skies, a chance of rain. Surf expected to be slightly smaller at 2ft today.  The actual wind (at Kanaha) should be stronger.

Rain Radar: Radar currently shows some smaller showers on windward areas and Hana side.

Water Temperature: Today’s Water temperature in Kahului is 79.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air temperature:  I expect Air temperatures to reach 85 at the beach, and is forecast to be 90 today in Kahului. Heat index values reaching 95.

Air Pressure: Kahului (6:00 am): 1014.5 mb (millibars)

Tides Today Kahului:  Today’s Low is at 7:29 am at -0.72 ft, A very High Tide at 2:52 pm is 2.88 feet . 

2017/06/23 Fri 01:00 AM 1.44 H
2017/06/23 Fri 07:29 AM -0.72 L
2017/06/23 Fri 2:52 PM 2.88 H
2017/06/23 Fri 9:22 PM 0.67 L

Moon Phase:  Moon: Waning Crescent, Illumination: 1%. Moonset 7:04 pm,  Next New Moon is on the 24th, and next Full Moon is July 9th. The Moon today is in a Waning Crescent phase. In this phase, the Moon’s illumination is growing smaller each day until the New Moon.

Sunset: Kahului Sunrise at 5:46 am, Civil Sunset will be at 7:10 pm today. Civil Twilight 7:10 pm – 7:34 pm. Nautical Sunset (last light) is 7:34 pm.

Nautical Twilight: 7:34 pm – 8:04 pm
Daylight Hours Today: 13:24:07 Daylight
Solar Noon Today: 12:27 pm

Summer Solstice: The Longest day this year, 20 June 2017, 6:24 pm.

Sunrise Today: (Kahului): 5:46 am

NWS Kahului:

Humidity 73%
Barometer 29.93 in (1013.9 mb)
Dewpoint 63°F (17°C)
Visibility 10.00 mi

NWS Forecast Today:

.TODAY…East winds 15 knots. Wind waves 3 feet. Swell southeast
3 feet. Scattered showers in the morning, then isolated showers
in the afternoon.
.TONIGHT…East winds 15 knots. Wind waves 3 feet. Swell
southeast 3 feet. Scattered showers.
.SATURDAY…East winds 15 knots. Wind waves 3 feet. Swell
southeast 3 feet. Scattered showers.

Wind Yesterday: the wind was more side-onshore with way less gusty conditions, the wind direction stayed good all day, and strength gradually increased and peaked at 2pm, the Strongest gust was about 32 mph at about 1:30 pm.


Today’s Kite Tip:  Do not Harm vegetation. The beach is an ecological environment, and all plants and animals, insects are part of a unique ecosystem. This is easy to forget when we are fixated on Kiting, but there are special plants and animals, that call Kanaha beach, dunes, and environment home. The plants play a vital role in increasing the stability of the beach and dunes, and they prevent erosion and resulting soil contamination of the seawater which leads to coral deaths and other problems. Plants are also host to rare and unique insects that are only found at Kanaha. They are a habitat for creatures, including microbiota, microscopic bacteria, and organisms that are also equally rare and specialized. So you wouldn’t go into a nature reserve and start breaking plants, so please take care of plants at Kanaha. If you kite goes in a tree, try your utmost to not damage the trees when you retrieve your kite. A lot of people have worked very hard to preserve Maui’s remaining natural resources. And they are paying close attention to the state of our beach plants. In some cases, these people believe that the plants are more important than the kiters. So be respectful and pay attention. There are people who’s job it is to trim trees. It is not your job, so please let the proper people take care of the plants. Mahalo and thank you.


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