Cars, Bus & Taxi

There is now a county bus service on Maui available in some areas. But if you are going to be on Maui for more that two or three days, you will need a rental car to get around. There are car rental booths to the right of the baggage claim area at the Kahului Airport. They will shuttle bus you to their yard nearby. Dollar is the cheapest of the larger car rental agencies in the islands. Book ahead to avoid disappointment. They will also try to upgrade you on every item. that you may not always need. Avoid getting a convertible, because you will get sunburned in about 15 minutes, plus it just looks funny when the surfboards are sticking out of the passenger seat and your wife or girlfriend has to sit behind you. (Don’t do this on your honeymoon). I personally do not recommend getting a Jeep because they are hard to get into, they have stiff suspension, and there is no security for your stuff because you can’t lock a soft-top Jeep. Upgrade to something with a little more legroom. And get the mustang if you really want to. If you have a smart phone you do not need to rent a GPS, because Maui only has a few roads anyway (Its an island). See the map Page. For the best Earth Minded vehicles, rent a Bio-Beetle, they run on recycled vegetable oil Bio Diesel (made right here on the island). For the absolute cheapest rental cars, there are several “rent-a-wreck” type used car rental agencies. Some of these have real junkers. So the only one we dare to recommend to our economy minded guests is “Kihei Rent-a-Car”. They are really nice people, and if you have made a booking, they will pick you up at the airport.


bio-beetle rentalcarmaui Maui Bio-Beetle



Kihei Rent-a-Car

Drive like a Local: When driving on Maui please remember “this ain’t the mainland”, and try to drive with aloha. Drive slow, Do not tailgate other drivers and drive with the traffic, do not fight to overtake, because we all get there together in the end. Please do not suddenly stop in traffic when sight seeing, pull over to enjoy the views

When getting directions: in Hawaii remember that “Mauka” means towards the mountain, and “Makai” means towards the sea. For example: “I will be waiting on the Mauka (mountain) side of the highway”. Don’t expect locals to know all the highway numbers. Giving directions in relation to well known landmarks is more common.

Pedestrians Beware: Do not expect the cars on Maui to always stop when you are waiting at a crosswalk. Make sure that they see you, and that they are stopping. Try to make yourself visible, especially at night because Maui roads are generally not well illuminated. A lot of cars will just plow through crosswalks without stopping.


The fare is $2.00 per boarding. Cash only or Pass. No surfboards or body boards are allowed, probably no kite gear.
Some busses are equipped to take a bicycle or two on the front. but not if there is someone already using the bike rack.
Expect some walking to the nearest Bus stop, and some bus changes may be needed to get to where you are going.
Click here to learn more about the Maui Bus Service

Taxi’s & Shuttle Buses
If you are don’t want to bother with a rental car you can get a taxi or shuttle van to get to and from your hotel. There are taxis available right from the Airport, or have your hotel concierge call one for you. (800) 833-2303 or Maui Island Taxi Service (808) 879-4823

It is customary to Tip:  On Maui (and in the rest of the US) it is customary to Tip (give a gratuity) to; Taxi Drivers, Bellmen, Valets, Bartenders, Waiters, Boat captains/staff,  Surf Instructors, and most service personal.