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At our online store we have new gear and a large selection of used kiteboarding equipment available. We have accessories, kites, boards, bars, harnesses, helmets, jackets, rashguards, We can do complete packages and trade are available on certain items. We also have a one stop repair center on site so you can get your kite fixed and back on the water asap. We outfit many local kiters for the extremes of Maui conditions, and cater to the demands of world travelers too.

We use the complete range of Naish Inflatable Kites, Park, Torch, Charger, and Ride and Fly. Trainer Kites by Naish & Best. We have the latest kites in our demo quiver and a huge selection of new and used kites available to our customers. Boards include the Naish twin-tips Momentum, Money Shot, Monarch, Rascal, Haze, Thorn. Directional Global, Fish, Skater and Gun.



Kites from Naish, and other top brands. Complete or kite only sized ranging from 3m up to 16m.We have kites to suit a variety of ride styles, and conditions. Naish Park, Helix, Cult, Vector, Convert, Switchblade, Crossbow, Lithium, Bolt, Guroo, Kahoona,
Naish Helix               

Directional & TwinTip boards from various manufacturers. Twin-tips, wakestyle, wake skates, guns, freeride and fish. Strapped or strapless. Thorn, Momentum, Global, Fish, Haze, Sol, Moneyshot, Caliber, Bliss.

Boards by Naish
These are our favorite production boards. These boards use snowboard and wakeboard technology combined for the ideal combination of flex, weight and strength. New directional boards from Naish include the Global, Fish and Gun.


For the fun and easy way to get kiteflying skills, we recommend that you purchase a trainer kite before your kiteboarding lessons. We have Ram-air design kites in sizes ranging from 1m2 to 3m2. When using any kite you should take extreme care. Our trainer kites from Naish, and HQ Power are the best, These are fun performance kites that can produce a lot of power, and younger fliers should always be supervised by adults. These kites are extremely fun, but they are not toys. The larger trainers  can be used as traction kites on land or snow.

"And now you've decided that anything that mixes up the best parts of surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and paragliding has to be worth a try, Best's Trainer Kiteand you're right. Kitesurfing isn't just the hottest sport to hit the beach in decades it's also the fastest growing extreme sport full stop. All it takes to start this master this sport is the ability to fly a kite, and we are here with the Best trainer kite in the industry to help you get the skills you need and take to the sky every time you take to the water. Flying the Best trainer kite will give you the wind awareness and kite handling skills that you need to get the best out of professional kitesurfing instruction. It will increase your learning speed and it will make learning kiteboarding safer".


TEE-SHIRTS  Kids and Adult sizes in tee shirts in our exclusive SurfingTurtle logowear.

RASH GUARDS  Kids and Adult sizes in rashguards in our exclusive SurfClubMaui logowear.


Action Sports Maui Adult longsleeve Rashguards

RADIO HELMETS Radio Helmets from Headzone Australia. Available for rent and purchase. Waterproof radio helmets give confidence and protection.
HARNESSES Seat and Waist harnesses. from Dakine and Naish.
HELMETS Helmets from Gath, Protec, and Headzone. (New Used and rental.)
SUNSCREEN AloeGator Products, creams, sprays, lip balms. in a range of SPF, and waterproof styles, dont let too much sun spoil your fun.
SEA SPECS Protect your eyes with the worlds most popular water eyewear. polarized water sunglasses from Seaspecs.
REPAIR ACCESSORIES Patches, tapes, glues and repair kits large and small, to get you back on the water faster.
KITE REPAIR SERVICES Our local repairman, can get you stitched up in no time.
KITEBOARDS Directional & TwinTip boards from various manufacturers. Twin-tips, wakestyle, wake skates, guns, freeride and fish.
DVDs We offer the full range of kiteboarding progression instructional DVDs.
BOOKS World Kite Atlas, IKO Handbook,
MAGAZINES Kiteboarder, Kiteworld.
TRAVEL BAGS Kite travel bars, Roller style golf style.
TEE SHIRTS Check out out Tees and log wear.
RASH GUARDS Short and long sleeve.
HATS Caps and water hats.
ACCESSORIES Kite Knives, GoJo, Chicken fingers, leashes, fins, bladders, repair kits, kite lines, kite bars, kites, trainer kites,

Best's Trainer Kite

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