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"Surfing is a great way to get in touch with the ocean. Learning to surf could be the beginning of your new lifelong passion. The best way to learn surfing is to take a lesson with a professional instructor. But until you get the time & opportunity for a lesson, you can check out my free online beginner's guide to surfing. Surf Safe and have fun". David Dorn- instructor-author.
Page 1 - beginners guide. Page 2 - intro to safe surfing. Page 3 - start in small surf. Page 4 - take off zone. Surfing Sequence Diagram
Surfing Sequence - slideshow. Page 5 - ending a wave. Page 6 - surfing laws. Page 7 - surfing terms. Page 8 - the surfboard.


Surfing Instructor Clarissa demonstrates the Safe Surfing sequence.
This method has been successful for 1000's of students of all fitness levels and ages.




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