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Action Sports Windsurfing offers a complete range of windsurfing lessons, tours and adventures. Our friendly Instructors are all well trained full-time instructors that are dedicated to their sport, including some of the most highly qualified windsurfing instructors and trainers. We are open all year round, and the weather is always warm and inviting. You will learn the latest windsurfing techniques and progress quickly. Whether you are a beginner or expert, young or old, Action Sports has a great program that makes learning fun, come ride with us!

Established in 1996. Action Sports Windsurfing School is the local favorite. We have taught thousands of people young and old the sport of windsurfing. Sometimes three generations in the same family. We are proud to serve the windsurfing community. At Action Sports We stand behind our service 100% and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

SOLID FOUNDATIONS: Our school was founded and  is run by our Master Windsurfing Instructor David Dorn. David is Maui's most experienced and highly qualified windsurfing instructor with over 30 years of  international windsurfing teaching experience. David is an industry icon in watersports instruction, Read More..

Action Windsurfing School has been featured in Magazines, newspapers, and television. Our experienced instructors make every step of the learning process fun and exciting. As one of Maui's Longest running windsurfing schools, we have created a successful lesson program for windsurfers of all levels. Action Sports Maui is a premier watersports center and is the largest school of windsurfing in the state. Our friendly staff guarantee you will have fun.

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Windsurfing is fun and easy with our simple instruction methods.
Beginner Wind 3day Wind 5day Waterstart Shortboard Intro Jibing Class Shortboard School Jumping Looping Private Kids Private Kids Camp Instructor
Beginner Class "No experience required" 2.5 hours  Group $89.00 (+ Tax) pp, or   2hr Private $140.00 (+ Tax) pp

Getting a good start in windsurfing is essential Beginner Windsurfing Lessonto your success. A successful first day depends on correct equipment and suitable weather conditions. Learning to windsurf is a lot easier if someone shows you how. Patient and professionalOur windsurfing Beach Instructors are worth their weight in gold. For the Beginner Lessons we have chosen a great sailing location with a sandy beach surrounded by a protective reef. We only sail when the weather conditions are suitable. In the lesson we give you specialized beginner's boards that are strong and stable. Our instructors then select a sail for each individual student. The size of the sail should be matched to each individual based on their height, weight and strength. This is a very important step to ensure your maximum enjoyment.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer individualized equipment selections thanks to our extensive quiver of sails. Once you have your equipment, we show you how to put it together. This comes in handy if you want to rent equipment at a later time or you are buying your own. The rigging process is an important part of windsurfing and its easy when we show you how. Next we start on the sand for a short theory lesson, we explain where to sail, how the wind works and what to look out for. Windsurfing with rainbow (Photo:TimOrden)We show you how to align your board to the wind, how to pull up the sail without straining your back, turning techniques and sailing and steering techniques. Then we take you onto the water. Using a correct launching technique and our instructors get into the water with you to help you apply the techniques you have learned. We don't go too far from shore, and we concentrate on giving you a reliable technique that will give you confidence in the water. Our instructors start by holding your boards in the shallow water as you get going, giving you constant feedback and encouragement, then as you progress a little further from shore, our Instructors show you more advanced skills. 

If you get tired you can simply sit down on the board and if necessary our Instructor can sail you and your board back to the beach where you can rest before trying again. We always keep a close eye on you so that you are never left to blow away or get frustrated. Our beginner lesson shows you many of the basic windsurfing techniques. Our methods ensure the maximum enjoyment from every lesson which will keep you hungry for more. After the lesson you can easily upgrade to the three-day course, just pay the difference, or just come one day at a time. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

Group:    Date Adult     

Private:  Date Adult     

Windsurf Short Course "3-day course"   Group $240.00 (+ Tax) per person,  or   Private $350.00 (+ Tax) pp

Beginner School student learn early planing (Photo:Dorn)The course includes two and a half hours of progressive instruction per day for three days. This course is great for beginners and people with some previous windsurfing experience. We usually prefer to go in the mornings for the softer breezes. The water is also calmer and less crowded. Beginner School student learn early planing (Photo:Dorn)Our lesson area is in located is a sheltered cove that is protected from the waves by a surrounding reef. When you are booking this course the days need not be consecutive, and we can start on any day of the week. This course is a great introduction and the fast track into the sport of windsurfing. This course also suits people with a challenging schedule. In the windsurfing short course we can cover a progressive range of skills for beginner or advanced beginner sailors. No experience is required, however this course also suits beginners with a few lessons under their belt, or the Sailor who may be a little rusty after being away from the water for a while. We use our easy to use super stable boards, and a range of sail sizes suited to the individual sailor. We provide all your equipment plus, PFD jackets, rashguard shirts and neoprene booties.
Several of the techniques that we can cover include:
Wind-basics, balance-basics, self-launching, rope-start, rope-turns, mast-turns, tacking, fast-tack, basic jibe, beach starts, upwind sailing and reaching. We provide you with the boards  and a range of sail sizes to accelerate your learning process.
After this course you should be confident enough to rent beginners equipment and practice on your own. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

*Group lessons, private lessons and semi private lessons are available.

Group:  Date Adult     

Private: Date Adult     

Windsurf School "Complete 5-day course"    Group  $395.00 (+ Tax) per person,  or   Private $575.00 (+ Tax) pp

The "Classic 5-day" course includes two and a half hours (2.5hrs) of progressive windsurfing instruction per day for five days. The days need not be consecutive. So we can fit the course to suit your vacation, and the weather conditions. This course is also the number one course chosen by locals. Local students who have regular weekday jobs can sign up for the five day, and do one day per week for five weeks. This way they can get their weekend fix and progress in the sport at the same time. In this comprehensive course we usually cover; wind theory, balance skills, rope-start, beginner sailing, self-launch, quick-exit, rope-turns, mast-turns, tacking, beach starts, self-rescue, upwind sailing and reaching. For the fast learners we can also cover: power-jibes, harness-technique, and high-wind stance.
We will provide you with the equipment you need to accelerate the learning process. We always work with you at your own pace, to ensure that you get all the skills that you will need to become an happy and independent boardsailor. We  provide you with the right equipment and upsize the sails progressively when needed to help you advance beyond the beginner level and push your personal limits. We also provide unlimited sail exchanges to handle a variety of different wind conditions. During the course we help you to learn about weather and wind conditions, and the different equipment that is available, so that you can make informed decisions when purchasing your own equipment or renting gear on your own. (A great follow on course after this is the 5-day Shortboard school).
*Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

Group:   Date Adult     

Private: Date Adult     

Waterstart Class "Let the wind do the work"  1.5 hours,   Private $125.00 (+ Tax) pp
Waterstart (photo:blyth)Waterstart Lesson - Beach Practice In this waterstart class we show you how you can lie back and let the wind pull you out of the water. This lesson is not for complete beginners, some windsurfing experience is required. The waterstart is the gateway to high-wind sailing and the key to sailing a short-board. Because of our reliable tradewinds, Maui is the best place to learn the waterstart. In these two-hour lessons, we can teach you more than you would learn in weeks of trying to teach yourself at home. We show you how to position the board after a wipeout. Then we show you how to steer and control the board from the waterstart position and how to fly the sail and waterstart in strong winds. We start by showing you the techniques on the beach, then we get into the water with you and show you how to keep control and steer the board. After this, "popping up" onto the board is easy, and you will be able to do it time and time again, you will own the Waterstart. We can get practically anybody to waterstart. However we do recommend that you already have some experience windsurfing in moderate to strong winds, and being able to beach-start before you come is helpful but not essential. This lesson is specifically for the Waterstart technique only (so knowledge of harness and footstraps is not required). To ensure your success (and ours), we set minimum wind limits. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

We also like to make specific equipment recommendations. Having the right size board and sail is essential to a successful water-starting session. Even if you have your own board, we might suggest you use something a little different during the class to increase your learning curve. Discuss your equipment requirements with your instructor before the class. Generally, you will need a sail half a square meter larger than the one you would sail with.
*Gear is not included in this class, so bring your own or rent some at the store.

Private Date Adult     

Shortboard Basics "Feel the power"    Private $125.00 (+ Tax) pp

Shortboard Sailing
This is an introduction to short-board sailing lesson covering the basics. The "Shortboard Basics" class includes 1.5 hours of instruction on floaty transition boards, or shorter bump & jump type gear. This course is not a beginner course. but it is great for people with some long board experience who want to get into sailing stronger winds on smaller gear. In this class we can cover; Short-board Basics, Board trim, beach-starts, pre-waterstart tips, how to use the harness, getting into the foot straps, and how to do some basic short-board turns and maybe some basic intro to some jibing. This class can be tailored to the needs of the individual student. Flat water sailors can use this class as an introduction to ocean sailing for the first time. If you just want to work on your overall technique. If you do not know the waterstart yet, you will definitely want a larger transition board that you can uphaul. Shortboard basics lessons usually start at 12:00noon or 2:30pm. This lesson is usually taught as a private lesson, but you can add a buddy if you want to do a semi-private class.
*Gear is not included in this class so, Bring your own board or rent from our store.

Lesson Date Adult     
Jibing Class "Turn like a pro"   1.5 hours    private $125.00 (+ Tax) pp

One of the most important techniques to master in windsurfing is Jibing. To do a smooth jibe you need the right combination of sail skills and board skills. This class will save you a lot of time trying to learn on your own. The jibe is a lot easier if you have an experienced instructor to help you. The learning process is a series of fun exercises. We explain the Jibe theory, then break it down into small steps. We can troubleshoot your technique, and fax any of your bad habits. We teach all levels of jibe including; power jibes, step jibes, Slalom jibes, and carve jibes, and even some freestyle trick jibes; duck-jibes, jump-jibes and racing "lay-down" jibes. Each session gets you one step closer to mastering your jibes. During your session your instructor can check out your ride style and customize the lesson to you. The lesson begins on the beach with the jibing theory and sail transition exercises. Then we go into the water, your instructors can sail with you, riding alongside or nearby. This way they can demonstrate the technique and give you on-the-water feedback. This lesson is usually taught as a private lesson, but you can add a buddy if you want to do a semi-private class. *Gear is not included in the price of this class so, Bring your own board or rent from our store.

Jibe:  Date Adult     


Shortboard School "Complete 3-day Course"    Private $395.00 (+ Tax) pp
Shortboard Sailing (Photo:orden)
This is a complete short-board sailing course including the basics. The "Shortboard School" course includes two hours of instruction per day for three days. The days need not be consecutive. This course is great for people with longboard experience who want to sail in stronger winds. In this course we cover; short-board basics, water-start tips, harness and footstraps and short-board turns and some jibing. This course is also a great refresher course for people just getting back into the sport after an extended absence. Maui is one of the few places with reliable enough winds to reliably schedule a specialty course like this. Days do not need to be consecutive. Change the schedule to suit your needs.  See our gear guide at the bottom of this page to see our equipment recommendations for the different classes.
*Gear is not included in this class so, Bring your own board or rent from our store.

Shortboard School is also available as a five-day course,  Private $625.00 (+ Tax) pp.

3-day:   Date Adult     

5-day:   Date Adult     

Jumping Lessons "Flight School" 1.5 hours  $149.00 (+ Tax)  Private
Table-top Jump (photo:sailworks)
Our flight school can cover anything from the basic chop hop to advanced maneuvers like inverted aerials. You can do Intro to surf-sailing, up to full on down-the-line waveriding. You decide what techniques you want to learn.

Action Sports Maui has a reputation as the that most progressive windsurfing teaching center in the state. Our school offers that highest levels of training available to the general public. In the advanced classes courses and clinics, our instructors are sailing with you and are on hand to give you constant advice and feedback. Our flight school can cover anything from the basic chop hop to advanced maneuvers like inverted aerials. You can do Intro to surf-sailing, up to full on down-the-line waveriding. You decide what techniques you want to learn. The training starts on the beach with the theory and orientation, then onto the water for the practical exercises. Sailing with the instructor at your side is a lot safer too. We can show you safe jumping techniques and surf survival tips. We show you how to get some big air and some serious hang time. Windsurfing in breaking surf is where it gets really exciting, but don't wipe out in the impact zone until you get the right training! Wavesailing should only be attempted by strong swimmers because of the likelihood of being separated from the board. We can teach you any specific technique or we can go out and work on your general technique and trouble shoot your style etc.

*Gear is not included in this class. Bring you gear or rent from the store. *Some conditions apply, see our terms and conditions page.

Lesson Date Adult     
Private Lessons "Your personal trainer" $85 - $110/hour (+ Tax) 

We recommend the private lesson for many reasons; personal coaching, to have a sailing buddy, or just as a guide to show you around. You can do a private session for an orientation to Maui conditions, or just to have the added security of an instructor following you around. Having a private lesson will boost your knowledge, and increase your learning curve, whether you are an athlete in training or Just want to have fun. All of our listed skills, and classes can be taught as privates. We recommend privates for competitive sailors, or anyone with any special needs or specific learning requirements. Private instructors can also
come to you. Our instructors can teach all levels up to shortboard jibing, specialty instructors can take you into the waves, teach freestyle and jumping sessions,  and racing. Private Sessions are available by appointment You can also request and reserve your specific instructor for a small premium., *Prices very according to each individual instructor, travel time and location. Please call for a quote. 
*Gear is not included in this class. Bring you gear or rent from the store.

Lesson Date Adult     

Kids Windsurfing Lessons "Very First Steps"  1.5 hour    Group $69.00 (+ Tax) pp  or  $99.00 Private
Kids Windsurf Lesson (David 6yrs).

Young children can have a special kids only group lesson or a private lesson. These lessons are for all levels of sailing. And we can teach many of the adult techniques. Minimum age is 5years old. And must be able to swim. Kids need constant and close attention while in the ocean especially in Maui. You want your kids to have fun and stay safe on the water, accept no less. Children have special requirements and different energy levels and attention spans, so we do not mix them with regular adult students, instead they can take a customized children's lesson. For all our kids lessons we have a range of specialized children's equipment. The specialized kid's sails are HotSails MicroFreaks, with YouthPower rigs, which are sophisticated scaled down, lightweight versions of the adult performance sails.  We have sail sizes ranging from 0.8 sqm, sails for the very smallest sailors, and ranging in size on up. The right equipment is essential to having a successful learning experience. A child's introduction to the ocean in their formative years will determine their attitude about it for the rest of their lives. A kid-friendly windsurfing lesson will create a lasting impression and give the students a positive ocean experience.

Lesson Date Person     

Kids Windsurf Camp 3-day "A very good beginning" $175.00 (+ Tax) ppor  Extended all day camps  $295.00 (+ Tax) pp 
Kids Windsurfing Camps on Maui

Young children 5years and above will love the Kid's "Youth Power Youth Power Kids CampWindsurfing" 3-day Camps. Camps are run, weekly in summer: June, July and August. This is the original Maui Kids windsurfing Camp running for over ten years. We proudly co-sponsor these Special community events. Wednesday thru Friday in summer. Young children share their first windsurfing experiences together. The emphasis is on fun, & learning in a social atmosphere. They are taught by a mixture of instructors, junior coaches, and their peers. Kids are always under under adult supervision. Lessons run in the mornings for the lighter winds. and run for three hours including a snack. Kids will do practical lessons, and play skill building games. This program is very popular so pre-bookings are recommended. Bring your own lifejacket and booties if you have them, We provide them if you don't. Students use a range of specialized children's rigs designed  for kids. The right equipment, which is essential to the process. The kids camp was created to ensure the ideal introduction to windsurfing in a fun atmosphere. More advanced kids can do the all day extended camp that goes till 2:30pm.
For Photos of our Kids camps go to

Camp:  Date Adult     


MEET AT KANAHA BEACH: Last parking lot at the eastern end of the park. Alaho Street, Kahului, look for the distinctive  Action Sports Maui Windsurf van. Check our map page for directions.


Beginner Class 2.5 hour $195.00 $89.00pp 
Windsurf Short Course 3-day $350.00 $240.00pp
Windsurf School 5-day $575.00 $395.00pp
Waterstart Class   1.5 hour $125.00 $99.00pp
Shortboard Basics  1.5 hour $125.00 $99.00pp
Jibing Class   1.5 hour  $125.00 $89.00pp
Shortboard School 3-day $395.00 $260.00pp
Shortboard School 5-day $625.00 $425.00pp
Jumping   1.5 hour $149.00


Looping per hour $150.00


Private Lessons  per hour $85 -$110


Kids Lessons 1.5 hour $125.00 $69.00pp
Kids Windsurf Camps 3-day $450.00 $175.00pp
Speed Sailing Clinics 1-day $350.00 $150.00pp
Instructor Courses 5-day $2950.00 $795.00pp

This is a guide only. Prices are subject to change.
Prices quoted to not include Tax.


PRIVATE: 1 instructor per student.

SEMI-PRIVATE: 2 students per instructor.

SPLIT PRIVATE: 2 students sharing 1 lesson.

GROUP: 3-4 students per Instructor.

CLINIC: up to 6 students per instructor.

DEMO: up to 10 students per instructor.

To make your reservation, call: 1 (808) 871-5857   

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