Looping Lessons  “Inverted Aerials”  $249.00 (+ Tax)  2 hours private

2008-Goya-Photos-0040We are the only school on Maui that offers loop lessons and a full range of inverted aerials. Loop lessons are min 2hrs. These techniques are definitely advanced techniques for competent windsurfers who are in good physical condition. Our loop class concentrates on loops only! (there are three main types of loops, (Loops, Spins, and Rolls).  The teaching methods have taken years to develop and this class can only be taught by our very top level instructors. We break down the loop into its essential elements and discuss them on the beach before going out on the water. On the water, we take you through a series of pushloopconfidence-building and technique teaching exercises. These skills are combined into the loop techniques. Be prepared for some hard landings and big wipeouts. Don’t try this on your own without proper coaching. With this coaching, you don’t have to re-invent the loop. The knowledge you gain will give you more confidence to master the loop. *Bring your own gear. For safety reasons, we always wear helmets and wetsuits or impact jackets. You can rent a helmet from us however, we recommend that you ultimately buy one for yourself (preferably a GATH).

*Do not attempt any of these techniques without adequate training from a professional instructor.

Kids Windsurfing Lessons “Very First Steps”  2-hours    Group $99.00 (+ Tax) pp  or  $195.00 Private

youngdavidwsf_lgYoung children can have a special kids-only group lesson or a private lesson. These lessons are for all levels of sailing. And we can teach many of the adult techniques. Minimum age is 5years old. And must be able to swim. Kids need constant and close attention while in the ocean, especially in Maui. You want your kids to have fun and stay safe on the water, accept no less. Children have special requirements and different energy levels and attention spans, so we do not mix them with regular adult students instead, they can take a customized children’s lesson. For all our kid’s lessons, we have a range of specialized children’s equipment. The specialized kid’s sails are Microsails, with Youth-sized rigs, which are sophisticated scaled down, lightweight versions of the adult performance sails.  We have sail sizes ranging from 0.8 sqm, sails for the very smallest sailors, and ranging in size on up. The right equipment is essential to having a successful learning experience. A child’s introduction to the ocean in their formative years will determine their attitude about it for the rest of their lives. A kid-friendly windsurfing lesson will create a lasting impression and give the students a positive ocean experience.

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Speed Sailing Clinics “How fast can you go”     POA  

speed_sailing_clinic_kanahaSpeed clinics offer a unique opportunity to reach your full speed potential. Speed Clinics are run weekly through the summer. Private Clinics are available by appointment.  This is great training for speed events, or for racing enthusiasts. GPS Speed sailing is becoming hugely popular format around the windsurfing world. These clinics help you maximize your technique and equipment like you never thought possible. Get your sailing up to speed and make your mark on the next Speed challenge. The next GPS speed record holder could be you. Many people use regular slalom gear of race gear. This clinic is open to all age groups. The group clinics are run on-demand thru summer, and private sessions are available at other times. We supply the GPS Speed Units for your use during the clinics. *Equipment is not included in this clinic, so bring your own gear, or rent some speedy gear from the store.



MEET AT KANAHA BEACH: Last parking lot at the eastern end of the park. Alaho Street, Kahului, look for the distinctive  Action Sports Maui Windsurf van. Check our map page for directions.


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