One-day Lesson Packages

Many people want to flexibility to learn this sport on their own schedule. So we have made it easy to learn by installments. Learn when you want and where you want with the IKO network.

Some people simply want to get a “taste of kiteboarding” before they commit to a longer course, or they want to take it “one day at a time”.  Our Lessons are based on the “IKO teaching progression system”. Lessons are taught to a standard shared by the world’s largest school network. This allows you to take segments of training in different locations with continuity and consistency. To become proficient as a Kiteboarder you should plan on doing a multi-day course. *It takes time to master all the aspects of the sport and “getting up” on a kiteboard could take 2-3 days of lessons. 

Here is a list of our most popular one-day classes

First Flight 1.5 hrs $99.00

Intro to Kiting  2.5 hrs  $199.00

Discover Kiting 3.5 hrs $279.00

This lesson is the easiest way to try Kite flying! This is perfect for the first time kite flyer. You learn the essential skills needed to fly kites, including safety, wind theory, hands-on kite-flying, and power control. This class is the first step in the kiteboard progression, and is fun for groups and all ages.  In this class you get the chance to try a flying the kite yourself, with the help of the instructor and learn to fly solo. We include all the gear, But we recommend that you bring sunglasses, to use while beach flying, we provide the kites, helmets harness etc. We have different kite sizes for different size people. This lesson gives you a first look at the sport and a chance to feel the power of the kite. This is a good prelude to any of the longer courses, and perfect for people who are curious about kiting but not ready to commit to full course (just yet). No previous experience is required. This class is taught as a group lesson (private is also available).

This lesson is the fastest way to try Kiting! This session gives the student the chance to try kiteboarding with more hands on experience and we go light on the theory. This session gives the student the chance to really try the gear and get the feel for flying the kite, We start flying on land, and get into the water too.  In this class you get the chance to try a little bit of everything. To get a taste of the kiteboarder experience. We include all the gear, and show you, the control systems, safety systems, and the self-rescue. Kite launching & landing, body-dragging tandem and solo. We supply right size gear for each different student at each step of your learning curve. With our accelerated learning technique, you will be spend more time doing and less time talking. This lesson gives you a good overview into what the sport of kiteboarding has to offer. After the Intro class, you can upgrade to any one of our longer courses. This is a private lesson. 

The is our most popular single day lesson and a perfect way to get start Kiteboarding! This lesson gives your first installment into the sport of kiteboarding. Covering the core skills, wind direction and site selection, Essential kite flying skills on land and in the water, harness technique one handed flying, body dragging, and an introduction to the board. You will learn: wind theory,  safety steps, safety systems, self-rescue, launching & landing, and intro to the waterstart technique. We supply all the necessary equipment. With our progressive method, you will be spend more time doing and less time talking. This lesson can be a one off experience, or the first installment in a longer training course. You can upgrade at any time. No previous experience is required. This private lesson is tailored to your learning style so you can progress at your own pace. For more information about our Discover Kiteboarding program click here.

First Flight 1.5 hrs $99.00 (+Tax)

Intro Kiting  2.5 hrs  $199.00 (+Tax)

Discover Kiting 3.5 hr $279.00 (+Tax)

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