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There are two main locations where we teach,  Kanaha Beach behind the Kahului Airport on the North shore, and  Kihei on the South shore. These two locations are about eight miles apart with an 20 minute drive time.  When getting directions in Hawaii remember that “Mauka” means towards the mountain, and “Makai” means towards the sea. For example: “I will be waiting on the Mauka (mountain) side of the highway”. When getting and giving directions we often give major landmark references, instead of street names.
Driving times on Maui
North Shore Maui Map - Kanaha Beach
North Shore Maui Map – Kanaha Beach
South Shore Maui Map - Kalama Park
South Shore Maui Map – Kalama Park

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Getting to Kanaha Beach

Amala Place, Kahului HI 96732


Getting to Kalama Park

South Kihei Road, Kihei HI 96753

Via Harbor:

Drive into Kahului, at corner of Dairy Road (380), stop at the Hana Highway (36)  lights and take a Left onto Hana Hwy. Drive past the Pond until the traffic lights at Hobron Street, take a right onto Hobron towards the Harbor. Then take the next right onto Amala Place.

From Lahaina: Drive south on (Hwy 30) until you get to Nth Kihei Road (Hwy 31),  turn right and drive around the bay, then turn right at “Kihei” sign onto “South Kihei Rd”. Drive about 3 miles south until you reach Kalama Park.

 Drive through the Kahului Airport (380), Go around the loop, past the terminal, stay in the right lane, then turn right at Koheke Street into the car rental area, drive until you see the stop sign at Amala place,

Click here to see the Kitesurfing VanTo go Kiteboarding,
Keep Driving along Amala for a half Mile until you see the dirt parking lot on the left, behind the low green fence. You will also see our big White Action Van with flags on it. Meet at the large Action Sports Maui Van (Big White Van with the flags).

From the Airport, North shore:
Drive south on Dairy Road (380), then turn left at the big church onto Mokulele Hwy (311) all the way to the end until you get to the traffic light, then turn right, and then turn next left at the lights onto South Kihei Road.  Drive South for 3.5 miles with the ocean on your right. When you see the large Humpback Whale Statue. Look for the huge Whale Statue in the park, and turn right into the beach parking area. Park next to the Surf Club Maui Van,  and check in. 

Coming from Wailea or South Kihei:
From Wailea, take Wailea Alanui Drive, turn left on Okolani street, Okolani turns into South Kihei Road.  Drive about 4 miles north along South Kihei Road (Ocean on your left side) until you reach Kalama Park on the left.

To go Windsurfing:

Black and white Metal Sign to Kanaha Beach ParkKeep driving along Amala Place to the eastern end. Go all the way till you reach the “Dead End” sign/ (or closed yellow gate). Turn left into the very last parking lot, with the sign that says “Kanaha Beach Park”.





Drive all the way to the back of the lot, and look for the Action Sports Maui Windsurfing Van. Meet at the Van!

Landmarks: Look for the huge Whale Statue in the park, and turn into the beach parking area just south of the statue. Park next to the Surf Club Maui Van,  and check in. 


Meet at ourSURF CLUB MAUI” Van in the Kalama park parking lot, opposite “Kihei Cafe”. Come directly to our van and check in.

Check-in at our  Windsurf School Van at Kanaha Beach, Amala Place Kahului 96732

Check-in at our Surf Club Maui Van,  at Kalama Park, Kihei