Today’s Weather: Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Summary: NWS says;  sunny, with a high near 90. Breezy, with a northeast wind 15 to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 29 mph.  We say; Surf expected to be 2ft today.  The actual wind (at Kanaha) should be stronger, we think that it will be averaging 20-25 mph, reaching the high 20’s, low 30’s in the afternoon. Winds today should still be fairly side-onshore, but slightly stronger than yesterday. 

Foilboarder “Kato” at Kite Beach Maui. Photo Suzie Dorn

Weather Map: Map shows a large 1031 mb High in the northeastern Pacific, The center of which is directly North of us, the system has morphed slightly and acquired some bends in its isobars.  The orientation, density, and curve of the Isobars locally indicate that the wind will be a bit stronger than yesterday and that the underlying trade-wind might be a similar direction to yesterday. Noteworthy: The Hurricane named “Fernanda” in the Eastern Pacific has weakened a little, but could re-intensify later today. We will be watching that one, It is currently far away so no need for immediate concern, however, it could produce some swell that could hit our islands around Thursday of next week. **More info on Fernanda below


Wind Forecast: Winds are forecast to be 18-20 mph today from the NE.  Which is more of less the same direction yet slightly stronger than yesterday’s forecast. Some Partially Cloudy Skies in the general forecast (but probably mostly clear to sunny at Kanaha vicinity). A chance of rain in the PM.  Surf is expected to be about 2ft from the NE today.  Editor’s Note: The actual wind (at Kanaha) will likely be stronger than the forecast model, more like 20-25+ mph.

Small Craft Advisory…windiest coasts and channel around Maui County and the Big Island

Rain Radar: Radar currently shows some very small scattered showers coming in on from today’s Easterly trade wind flow. (*Check to see if the Radar Image has updated to the current date):

Water Temperature: Today’s Water temperature in Kahului is at 81.3 °F degrees Fahrenheit (this is warm).

Today’s Tides Kahului: Neap Tides Today. For more information about Maui Tides go to our TIDES PAGE.

2017/07/16 Sun 02:12 AM 0.40 L
2017/07/16 Sun 08:58 AM 1.34 H
2017/07/16 Sun 1:22 PM 1.08 L
2017/07/16 Sun 7:31 PM 1.76 H

Moon Phase: Last Quarter, Illumination: 53%    The Moon today is in a Third Quarter phase. Sometimes called a Last Quarter Moon, this phase occurs roughly 3 weeks after the New Moon when the earth is three quarters of the way through its orbit around the earth. If you live in the northern hemisphere the Moons left side will be illuminated and the right side dark.  [Source]

Sunrise and Sunset Kahului:

  Sunrise/Sunset Daylength Solar Noon
Jul Sunrise Sunset Length Difference Time Mil. mi
Jul 16 5:54 am 7:09 pm 13:15:51 −0:36 12:32 pm (89.7°) 94.476
Jul 17 5:54 am 7:09 pm 13:15:13 −0:37 12:32 pm (89.9°) 94.471
Jul 18 5:54 am 7:09 pm 13:14:35 −0:38 12:32 pm (90.0°) 94.466


NWS Forecast Today:

Humidity 71%
Barometer 30.04 in (1017.6 mb)
Dewpoint 64°F (18°C)
Visibility 10.00 mi
Last update 16 Jul 4:54 am HST

.TODAY…East winds 15 knots. Wind waves 3 feet. Scattered
showers in the morning, then isolated showers in the afternoon.
.TONIGHT…East winds 15 knots. Wind waves 4 feet. Isolated
showers in the evening, then scattered showers after midnight.
.MONDAY…East winds 15 knots. Wind waves 4 feet. Scattered
showers in the morning, then isolated showers in the afternoon.
.MONDAY NIGHT…East winds 15 knots. Wind waves 4 feet. East
swell 3 feet after midnight. Isolated showers in the evening,
then scattered showers after midnight.


Wind Yesterday: The wind was side-onshore all day. The wind speed stayed steady, averaging around 20-23 mph.  The strongest gusts were about 27 mph.


Hurricane Season:  Hurricanes are most likely to occur July through December in Hawaii. Hurricanes bring severe bad weather, flooding rain and potentially devastatingly strong winds. The passing of a Hurricane may last days or up to a week or more. The Hurricanes usually develop far away in the eastern Pacific and we generally get several days or more warning of their approach. So there is usually time to make preparations and even evacuate if necessary. Many Hurricanes come close to Hawaii but are just too far away to have a severe effect, This near-miss scenario, and repeated canceled warnings, can give some people a false sense of security. Until one does hit, and they may be unprepared. Here’s the link to the National Hurricane Center (NHC)

UPDATE ….FERNANDA: The hurricane is moving west-northwestward at about 11 kt. The track forecast reasoning remains unchanged yet again. Fernanda is expected to remain on a west-northwestward heading during the next 3 days while it is steered by a deep layer ridge to the north of the hurricane. A westward turn is forecast later in the period, as the ridge builds westward when a trough northeast of the Hawaiian
Islands lifts out. The track guidance remains in very good agreement and the updated NHC track is similar to the previous advisory.

Maui Surf Report

Maui Surf Report: For more detailed Surf Information go to our Maui Surf Report Page.  




Today’s Kite Pro-Tip:  Don’t Hit The Island! It seems so basic, but this is the most important rule with our local watersports. SO here is Today’s Tip, “Don’t Hit the Island”. So this means that entering and exiting the water are the most dangerous times. Hitting hard land is much worse than hitting the soft water, for your body and for your gear.  When riding, people should pay close attention to keeping a minimum safe distance away from shore. When you are getting into the water, drag far away from shore before attempting to waterstart on your board. When returning to the beach, slow down and exit with extreme care and control. Keep in mind that you may stop, but your board may continue toward the rocky shoreline especially of there are any waves. So always take care to avoid crashing into the island! 



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