Today’s Weather: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Winds should be strong today reaching the mid-thirties, and will be filled in early with a great angle that makes launching and landing easier.  

Wind Forecast Tables: Winds are forecast to be 21-24 mph today, The trend is for winds to build throughout the day, getting strong early. There is a good side onshore direction helping to stabilize the wind and make it less gusty.

Wave Action Today: We should have some good waves still yet from the last swell, 5-7 foot at times. as the tide rises the best waves will shift around. The shore break will be strong as the tide gets high, so be careful of the runup, and take care when entering and exiting the water.

Weather Map Analysis: The map shows a huge humungous 1039mb (strong) High-pressure system dominating the eastern pacific north of the islands, and driving strong northerly trade winds. As the High progresses eastward the winds will weaken and turn more easterly in the next days. There is an occluded front slightly northwest of the islands. 

Warnings: There is a Small Craft Advisory (SCA) in effect until Thursday morning.

Today’s Tides: A very nice High Tide today of 2.32 feet at 1:30 pm.

6:38 AM low -0.39 ft.
1:32 PM high 2.32 ft.
7:35 PM low 0.56 ft.

Yesterday’s Wind: Wind hit 34 mph several times during the day, and while the wind was up and down quite a bit, it remained blowing from a constant direction.

Today’s Kite Tip #1: Take care when launching and landing, with high tides the beaches are getting narrower, and kites tend to pile up. So please move your kite away from the waters edge after landing. Also please wind up your lines when not actively launching. The area close to the water should remain clear for launching and landing. 

Today’s Kite Tip #2: Do not land your kite to just anyone. Make sure that you have the attention (and permission) of the person catching your kite. Just because someone is standing on the beach does not mean that they can, will, or want to catch your kite. When coming in, whistle first, and pat your head as a signal you would like a catch, and then you must wait for a response and a clear signal that someone will catch your kite./ otherwise go around and try again later. Too many people are crashing their kites onto unwilling persons they assume will catch their kites (but may be doing other things). Remember you should always be abe to self-land on the water or uncrowded part of the beach.  

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Aloha, Have fun and be Safe out there.

Maui Weather: Monday, May 22, 2017

Winds should be stronger today reaching the thirties, and will be filled in early with a great angle that makes launching and landing easier.  

Wind Forecast: The wind is forecast to build during the day and reach 20-24mph peaking at about 2pm. This is our typical summer trade wind pattern.

Surf Conditions: There is a NW Swell that will bring some fun waves peaking today so get out there and ride some while they last.

Cloud Cover: Partially cloudy skies should give way to sun. When cloudy it get a little chilly out there, maybe wear a shortie or hotskin.

Todays Tides: There is a nice high tide in the middle of the ride session today. Good news for foilboarders.

6:07 AM low -0.16 ft.
12:50 PM high 2.00 ft.
6:41 PM low 0.60 ft.

Weather Map: Our old High pressure has finally moved away and we now welcome our new 1034mb High-pressure system coming in from the North West. It is strong and symmetrical and it is preceded by a cold front which might give us some rain. But this High will bring stronger tradewinds from a more northerly direction for the next few days.

Today’s Kite Tips: 

Tip #1 – Have a Plan! Do not launch your kite unless you have a plan of where you are going, and where you are going to land, how you are going to self-land, and what you are going to do when you have a breakdown. Do not rely on other people saving you. If you do not have a plan then get a lesson and learn how to be independent. We are seeing way too many underskilled people getting themselves into trouble because they cannot manage themselves or their gear.  

Tip #2 – Have the right Gear:  Today is going to be very windy because it is summer people, that means strong winds every day. So do not put off buying that smaller kite. You will use it a lot. Go to the Naish Pro center and get a great deal on a new or used kite. Safe Kiting means always using the correct kite size for the conditions. Riding overpowered in bad for you and other people too. 

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Aloha, Have fun and be Safe out there.

Maui Weather: Sunday, May 21, 2017

Winds should be similar to yesterday, only slightly stronger. Yesterday’s wind struggled early on because of persistent cloud which eventually gave way to blue skies. Today’s weather will be similar so let’s pray for blue skies and clean wind.  We are expecting winds 20-25 mph, maybe getting up to 25-30mph in the afternoon. The wind has started stirring early in the day and has already started pushing from the NE since before sunrise. This is a good sign. The vector models show the wind flow hitting our island at a better angle today which should get things moving in the right direction (literally). 

Watches and Warnings: Small Craft Advisory…windiest coasts and channels around Maui County and the Big Island

Wind Forecast Tables: The forecast tables show a nice trending wind building before noon and peaking early afternoon. Winds forecast to be 16-17 mph. and a slight chance of showers in the afternoon the wind’s direction should be more side-onshore than the previous few days. This means that the wind should start up a little more early.

The Weather Map: Our isobars are widening, and that means that our PGF (Pressure Gradient Force) is getting lower. The PGF is the underlying force that drives our wind. And we are close to the center of the ridge (the orange zig-zag line) which has implications for wind direction. If you see the wind barbs (arrows) north of the islands, you can see the wind direction all messed up. The big Low looming to the NW has gale-force winds circulating around it that should be generating some swell for us in the coming days (yay).

Today’s Tides: In Hawaii we have a semi-diurnal tide, which usually has two highs and two lows per day. On this blog, we tend to only show the two tides that occur during the ride session, but it is interesting and informative to look at the bigger tide picture too. Here are today’s tides for Kahului;

5:38 AM low 0.09 ft.
12:08 PM high 1.63 ft.
5:40 PM low 0.66 ft.

Air Temperature: We are expecting a High of 79 degrees today.

Water Temperature: (SST sea surface Temperature): 

Kahului Maui 78.8(05/21/2017 14:48 UTC)

Surf Conditions: The current south-southwest swell will produce moderate surf along most south facing shores early in the new week. South swell energy will persist Tuesday through Thursday. North shore surf is expected to be about 2 ft this morning increasing later in the day. A moderate northwest swell is expected to arrive late today and peak Monday.

Hurricane Season: The 2017 Central Pacific hurricane season begins June 1st.

Today’s Kite Tips: There has been a lot of Divers out in the mornings, many have orange flags and tow buoys, but not all. Keep a look out of these guys, and stay well clear of them. DO not even fly your kite over their heads. Also be aware of line fishermen too, who usually have favorite spots. Take Care when close to shore and Stay away from swimmers (Example at Ka’a Point). If people are swimming you should stay away. The first 200 feet of the ocean close to shore is generally designated for ingress egress only (state law) so as “vessels” we should be traveling at slow-no-wake speed only. When launching and landing: never launch and land over anyone’s heads. It is your responsibility to maintain a proper lookout, and avoid other water users.

Live Wind Report: Tune into our Daily Weather VLOG on our faceBook Page at 10:30 am each day. (Don’t forget to hit the Like button too.) 

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Aloha and Have a happy and Safe day out there.

Weather Forecast: Sat May 20 2017

Winds should be similar to yesterday, only more better. This should be due in part to the wind’s angle being more favorable for our “island venturi” which helps to accelerate our trade winds. It is reasonable to expect steady winds 20-25 mph. 

Current Wind: 9:30am 11-20mph avg 16mph NE.

Today’s Kite Tip: Today will be a great day to learn almost anything, so come and get a lesson. Advanced riders can try the Directional Board or take a foil board lesson with David Dorn. *Take care when foiling or trying tricks because many areas will be extremely shallow today.

The Wind Forecast is calling for 11-12 mph winds (lol), but we know that it will be way better than that. The forecast table below shows the wind trend, the trend is for winds to build by noon and peak at 2pm and hold till sunset.

The Wind Prediction: We predict the wind based on our own interpretation of the forecast wind tables, and other factors, like the “Kanaha Observed Deviation” or Forecast factor (see below). This gives us an adjusted expectation of the expected wind which is what we do daily (sometimes hourly).

Forecast Factor: There is a consistent difference (deviation) between the forecast wind at Kanaha and the actual “observed” wind. This can be up to 30-50 percent differential. The observed wind is generally 30-50 more than the forecast wind. Example; yesterday was calling for 8-9 and ended up being 15-19mph.

Kahului Tides Today:

11:22 AM high 1.27 ft.
4:27 PM low 0.70 ft.

Rain Radar report: The Dopler Rain radar is showing mostly clear.

Yesterday’s Winds: Yesterday we got more wind than we bargained for. We are there ready to catch the action, and we got a great day of kiting. Our students were super stoked. The top gusts were almost 30mph with the wind was averaging around 20 mph from noon onwards. The direction was perfect side onshore making for one of the steadiest winds we have had in weeks.

Weather Map: We see that the weather map is dominated by a strong (1028mb) High-pressure NE of the islands which is driving our tradewinds. We are under the elongated western ridge of the system which s causing lighter than normal trade winds. and our relative position to the system center is aligning the isobars diagonally which will tilt our winds slightly eastward. Far NNW of the islands is a strong Low with gale force winds which might produce some nice NE swell in the coming days.

Live Wind Report: Tune into our Daily Weather VLOG on our faceBook Page at 10:30 am each day. (Don’t forget to hit the Like button too.) 

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Aloha and Happy Winds.

Weather Forecast: May 19 2017

Light variable winds are expected today. So most people will not try to kiteboard, but if it is windy we will go!! Big Kites and Big Boards should be expected. Maybe the wind will only blow for a short time, it usually peaks around 2pm.

Kite Tips: expect to ride 1 or 2 kite sizes larger than yesterday. Expect low tides and shallow water.  If curious about kite-foilboarding book a lesson with David at ActionsportsMaui. 

Here is the Wind at 7:36 am: (LOL)

Weather Map: The map shows the eastward progression of the weakening High pressure is putting us in a lighter wind zone. The up-kick of the isobars makes the wind more easterly, and the relative position of the approaching Low is choking off the tradewinds. We should see the thermal winds taking a larger role in the island winds today, making for a lighter onshore sea-breeze type wind.

Maui Tides Today:

2017/05/19 Fri 10:16 AM 0.94 H
2017/05/19 Fri 2:47 PM 0.68 L

Wind Forecast Tables: The wind forecast shows light and variables. As you know the forecast usually significantly-under-reports the true expected wind (but not always).

Rain Radar report: The Dopler Rain radar is mostly clear.

Live Wind Report: Tune into our Daily Weather VLOG on our faceBook Page at 10:30 am each day. (Don’t forget to hit the Like button too.)  ActionSportsMaui Facebook Page

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Aloha and Happy Winds.

Weather Forecast: May 18 2017

Lighter winds are expected today and the possibility of showers. Right now it is sunny in Kihei and on the North Shore. Winds are forecast to be 8-9mph but probably will be in the high teens maybe stronger at times. If it gets rainy expect squally weather with short lives wind variations in strength and direction. For many people, a reduction in wind strength will be a welcome relief. 

Wind Forecast: The models show lighter easterly winds and some showers, and some northwesterly swells.

Weather Map: The map shows the High slipping steadily eastward, and turning our isobars upward towards the ridge. This means winds turning more easterly and offshore. this means some gustiness, and offshore wind line are likely. The approaching ridge will weaken our winds today. There is a cold front approaching that will likely bring rain, but not just yet.

Tides Today: The Tides in Kahului are High at 7:41 am 0.74 ft, the Low Tide at 12:43pm will be 0.53 feet. So not much water over the reef today. Yesterday I was bumping rocks with my foil close to shore and in shallow areas so take care.

Today’s Tips for the Weatherwise: Today we will see some bigger kites being used, and maybe some more foilboarders. Today might be a good day to try foilboarding or get a foilboard lesson. However, you must drag way out to deeper water first. Newcomers and Visitors, it is a good idea to check in with the locals to find out where the shallow areas are before you go out. And never dive head-first into the water, wear a helmet too.

Aloha and good winds.

Weather Forecast: May 17 2017

Another windy day expected with some strong gusts, the wind should abate slightly and turn more onshore. Winds are expected (forecast) to be “18 mph” But we know that is will actually be far stronger in the 25mph+ range. The is a chance of rain in the afternoon. Skies are expected to be slightly cloudy in the morning which puts a bit of a damper on the wind. The wind angle looks better than yesterday which should bring the wind-line closer to shore, and help the wind fill in all the way to the beach. Looking Ahead the winds are forecast to drop even more becoming lighter and maybe variable winds later in the week. So today might be the last strong wind day for a little while. The NWS HNL has canceled the Small Craft Advisory. Doppler Radar shows some small showers on windward shores mostly toward Hana.  Infrared Satellite images show some broken cloud cover moving across the state. 

Today’s Kite Tip: When launching in easterly winds, try to launch more “downwind” on the westerly parts of the beaches where the best wind will be. The right-hand ends of all of the beaches will have the gustiest winds.

Weather Map Interpretation:  On the map, I can see the isobars flattening which is good news for wind angle. And wind angle has everything to do with wind quality. We are also sliding toward a ridge of high pressure which will cause our winds to gradually decrease. An occluded front situated to the west which will be a problem if it gets too close, potentially killing our wind and bringing rain.

Yesterday’s wind: (see yesterday’s graph here) was not as gusty as the day before but it had stronger winds peaking at 45 mph. Most people sat on the beach and watched the people with small kites go out and take their chances. Anyone launching a larger kite yesterday was taking big risks with safety. Of course, we canceled our kiteboarding lessons.

Kahului Tides: Low 11:24 am 0.32 ft, High 7:58pm 1.89 ft.

Kihei/Maalaea Bay Tides: Low 12:43 pm 0.17 ft, High 9:50pm 1.77 ft.

Live Wind Report: Don’t forget to Tune Into our Live Daily Weather Report from Kitebeach at 10:3o am, on our Facebook Page.

Aloha and Have a Windy Day.

Weather Forecast: May 16 2017

Another windy day with some strong gusts, yesterday was gustier than expected, making it tough going for beginners. Hopefully, the wind will settle down a bit today, with the movement of the isobars, and generally clearing skies. However the real wind gauge is already showing strong gusts over 35mph, and the doppler radar still shows some shower activity so please take care out there. As we say here in the islands: “If in doubt, don’t go out!”.

Forecast Tables: As you can see from the forecast table below, the direction of the arrows is more “downward pointing” which means more northerly wind. This is an hourly forecast table which gives you an idea of the wind progression throughout the day, with winds peaking between noon and 2pm. This is a forecast model based on statistical analysis, but variations in rain/clouds will have an overriding effect also. You can see from the “Sky” icons that we are expecting partly cloudy skies which means some gustiness is expected. The last line of the table gives a look ahead for the coming days, and the winds are expected to drop. Maybe that is good news for many people who would prefer lighter more manageable winds.

Today’s Tides: High at 10:40 am  0.12 ft, and Low at 6:54 1.95 ft.

Weather Map: My Analysis, the easterly movement of the Dominant High-pressure system mean that we will receive strong winds today but be diminishing slightly over the next days due to a reduced PGF, and a closer proximity to a HP ridge.  A Low near the Aleutian Islanlooksiks like it has the potential to e generate some swell for the near future too. There is a Cold front far far west of the islands too far away to influence us just yet, but might bring some weather changes next week. 

Wind Update:  The Actual Wind at Kanaha Beach at 8am Was 19-36 mph, so take care out there!

Weather Forecast: May 15 2017

Another windy day with some strong gusts and a chance of showers. The rain radar shows some shower activity on the windward sides of the island today mostly in the Hana area. Rain should be rare, and skies clear to partly cloudy. We have some surf possible with east facing shores getting the brunt of an easterly swell. Wind should be slightly easterly but strong.  

Kite Tips: Make sure that you have the correct kite size, and anticipate winds building during the day and peaking around three pm. Also, make sure that you have a downwind exit plan as easterly winds will make returning to the launch spot more difficult.

My review of the weather map: A Strong 1035mb High-pressure system to the NE of the islands, is creating a strong trade wind flow. The isobars are curving upward at the western part of the island chain so this means slightly easterly winds, Expect winds to be ENE. Easterly winds can be stronger than NE winds due to a compounding venturi effect.

Tides:  Kahului: Low Tide 10:07 am -0.04 ft, and High at 6 pm 2.05 ft. Kihei: 11:26 am -0.02 ft, High 7:56 pm 1.93ft


Weather Forecast: May 14 2017

Another windy day with some strong gusts and a chance of showers. The rain radar shows some passing showers on the windward sides of the island today. Rain and clouds can make the wind vary a lot. Each passing cloud can bring showers and changes the wind in a cyclical way. So watch for changes in the sky. Sunny and blue skies are best. Sunny = Steady winds, Cloudy = gusty winds. We have low tides in the middle of the day and a late high tide.  

My review of the weather map: A uniform looking High-pressure system north and east of the Islands will provide strong trade winds and relatively good weather. The immediately visible feature of this high is that it is very square-shaped. This means that it has a flattened bottom side which is the one affecting our local winds. This has implications for wind direction and local wind strength.

My review of the Wind Forecast: Wind is forecast to be easterly 21 mph around noon, but we all know that that will be an understatement. True actual wind speeds will reach low to mid thirties, and some gusts could be stronger. Yesterday the strongest gust was 41 mph.  M

My review of the Wind Forecast: looks like strong wind again. yellows and oranges are good for windsports. Make sure you have the correct sail sizes and kite sizes. If you do not already know how to sail in strong winds over 25 knots then get a lesson. Wind forecasts are models built on statistics and models. Actual winds can vary greatly and differ from the forecast model. Typically we should expect winds 30% stronger than the forecast. I would expect the stronger wind gusts today to be exceeding 30-35 mph. 

Here are today’s Tides for Kahului Harbor:

9:38 AM low -0.17 ft.
5:14 PM high 2.16 ft.

Here is how the wind was yesterday (windy but very gusty):

*Note the 45 mph gust at 2 pm (sheesh).

Tune into our Live Wind Report on our Facebook Page:

Live Daily at 10:30 am


Weather Forecast: May 13 2017

We are expecting good weather and stronger winds today. The High-pressure system to our northeast is perfectly positioned to align our isobars slightly more horizontally. This means side-shore winds and less gusty conditions. 


Expect the wind-line to come in a little earlier today.


These are the forecast wind speeds for Kanaha, but our true winds usually exceed these numbers, expect strong winds and bring your small kites!!


Here are today’s tides for Kahului harbor:




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